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Riot finally release fix for Valorant Battle Pass rewards glitch

Published: 5/Jun/2020 5:29 Updated: 5/Jun/2020 5:44

by Andrew Amos


Missing your Valorant Battle Pass rewards? Haven’t been able to unlock that new Agent? The bug that has been plaguing players since release has finally been fixed, and rewards are now being handed out retroactively.

Since the launch of Valorant, players have not been able to unlock new characters because of how they are tied to Agent contracts. These contracts were not handing out rewards, including the Agents themselves. They’ve also been missing skins, cards, and more from the Battle Pass.

The community voiced an uproar over their missing rewards, and Riot quickly jumped onto a fix. Now, after a couple of days of limbo, the issues have been sorted.

Starting from June 4, Valorant players will finally get access to the rewards in the Battle Pass and Agent contracts that they’ve already unlocked.

The rollout will be staggered across all regions, with the current bug fix only applying to players in select regions.

“For Korean, Japanese, Oceanic, and APAC players who didn’t get their Battle Pass and Contract rewards at launch, we’ve rolled out a fix and you should see it in your accounts,” the devs stated. “This fix should also cover Agent unlocks.”

Players in Europe and North America might have to wait a few more hours, or even days, to see the fix on their end. However, it’ll come in due course.

“We’ll get this out to Europe, Turkey, MENA, Russia, CIS, NA, LATAM, and South America as soon as possible in the coming days,” Riot added. They did not, however, state whether they will be offering players compensation for the disruption.

Riot Games
Skins like the Couture Bulldog (Tier 10) should start appearing in players inventories soon.

With the Battle Pass and Agent contract rewards fixed, you should be able to progress through Valorant as per normal.

You’ll be able to unlock new Agents by activating their contracts, while all those skins you grinded out for should finally show up in your inventory.

If you are looking at speeding up your way through grinding the new content, there’s easy ways to blaze through your Battle Pass content, as well as getting all the Agents fast.


Movistar Riders drop Valorant pro for cheating in an official match

Published: 17/Jan/2021 17:01 Updated: 17/Jan/2021 17:22

by Joe Craven


Spanish esports organization Movistar Riders have released Rui ‘rapaztriste’ Fonseca from their professional Valorant roster for using cheats during an LVP Rising Series qualifier. 

Professional Valorant is very much still finding its feet, with a plethora of new talents joining ex-CS:GO pros in the esports world of Riot’s new FPS. 

Movistar Riders are not necessarily a household name in Valorant, yet, but are one of the many esports organizations that have joined the game’s competitive landscape. 

However, their time in Valorant esports has now been marred by a cheating controversy, which has seen them part ways with one member of their roster. 

Valorant artwork
Riot Games
Professional Valorant looks to have a bright future.

A January 17 statement from Movistar confirmed that Rui ‘rapaztriste’ Fonseca has been released with immediate effect, after being found to be using cheats in a January 16 match. 

The statement explains that, following on from a game in the LVP Rising Series, a number of the team’s players informed their manager of suspicious behavior and gameplay on the part of rapaztriste. 

Subsequently, an investigation was launched with the help of LVP and Riot Games, and Fonseca was found to be “using resources not allowed within the game to gain a competitive advantage.” In other words, using illegal cheats. 

“As a response from the club, the player is no longer part of Movistar Riders,” the statement finishes. “From here, we want to apologize to LVP and Riot for what happened and thank them for their speed and their availability to find a solution to the problem. Of course, we also want to extend our sincere apologies to all Valorant fans and tournament participants.” 

Fans were, quite understandably, frustrated with the player’s behavior, but glad to see the swift action taken by his organization. 

The remainder of the roster remains unchanged: 

  • Carlos ‘scarx’ Sanchez
  • Maks ‘kamyk’ Rychlewski
  • Mihály ‘Tishler’ Kállai
  • Michael ‘mikigoalie’ Buzek

It’s currently unclear who Movistar will look to sign to fill the vacant position left by rapaztristre.