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Riot devs hail Valorant player’s “wonderful” Agent concepts

Published: 25/Dec/2020 13:38 Updated: 31/Dec/2020 12:47

by Luke Edwards


A series of 32 fan-made concept Agents have been given recognition by Riot. Player u/TheSuddenHero created lore, ability guides, and character models for each Agent, sharing the designs with the Valorant community.

Riot Games devs who work on Valorant are some of the most openly interactive in the gaming community. While some game devs might not approve of code miners digging out leaks to future game plans from their code, Valorant devs actively encourage it.

This is no different when it comes to champion concept design; Riot devs just love seeing people enthusiastic about the game. In mid-December, Riot devs praised one player’s concept initiator Agent known as ‘Bandit’.


This is no less true than for this latest batch of concept Agents. Thinking up one Agent design takes long enough – thinking up 32 is a whole other ball game. They had spent around 1250 hours (or around 7.5 weeks) to build the concept Agents.

Ezra concept art
Ezra’s concept art has notes of League of Legends’ Twisted Fate.

One of our favorites is the Sentinel Agent Ezra, a street magician who — like fellow sentinels Cypher and Killjoy — uses traps to deter enemies from flanking. She has a cool new status effect on her C binding which temporarily rearranges enemies’ movement bindings if activated.

You can check out all 32 concept Agents, including a full lowdown on Ezra, here.


u/TheSuddenHero’s work has been noticed by Riot devs too. Insights & Strategy dev aeneia praised the effort put in by TheSuddenHero. She said: “It makes me SO HAPPY to see these types of things… all the time and effort and love that goes into them.

“It sounds cheesy, but this type of work and dedication makes me feel like we’re making more than just games. This is wonderful, and it made my day.”

Fellow Insights & Strategy dev Altombre also praised the concepts and offered to provide feedback on the Agents from official Riot gameplay devs. He said: “This is so awesome to see! Definitely will be reading through these for a while.”


It’ll be interesting to see if Riot plans on adding any of these concept Agents to the Valorant itself. Even if they don’t add the Agent itself, we could see aspects of these concepts added to the kits of future Valorant Agents.