Pokimane gives life to Valorant’s Sage with stunning cosplay

Riot Games/Pokimane

Valorant finally went live in the US on June 2, and to celebrate the game’s release, Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys played the title for her audience in full Sage cosplay.

As the FPS’s resident support and healing agent, Sage has basically been a must-pick since early on in Valorant’s beta – and even though the newest character Reyna can heal herself, the Sentinal will still be meta with her restorative abilities.

Sage is a healer, but she can also slow down the enemy team with her various orbs and, in the right hands, finish them off with the gunplay Valorant is becoming known for.

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Riot Games
Sage will be a common sight in your upcoming Valorant matches.

Pokimane has been playing Valorant since the closed beta, and even though she described Sage as “overpowered” during the test period, based on how all-out she went with her cosplay, it seems she’s taken a liking to the agent, as well.

Black hair was just the start of Poki’s transformation and a spot-on recreation of Sage’s robes only added to the look. Throw on some black sleeves and, from the waist up at least, the streamer looks every bit the part of the Valorant agent.

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“Now I know how annoying my healing can be.”

Sage would be nothing without her various orbs, and they add a very nice touch to Pokimane’s cosplay. It seems to be a simple, plastic light-up ball, but it’s a clever addition that any Valorant player will instantly understand.

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Sadly, the Sentinel’s orbs were nerfed at release from what they could do during the closed beta, but her ability to resurrect teammates in the midst of battle should keep her high pick rate safe.

Pokimane even got Sage’s cool, confident posing down to the letter. How her actual Valorant matches will go remains to be seen, but if she’s able to channel her inner Sage in this cosplay, the streamer should do just fine.

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Poki came to throw orbs first, ask questions later.

If you got left out of the closed beta and are just trying Valorant for the first time now, be sure to check out our guide on how to download and install the game. Riot’s new FPS is also free to play, unless you want to pick up the additional Battle Pass.

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For those of you that are returning from the closed beta, you will have to unlock all of the agents again, but we have all the info you’ll need to do this quickly and efficiently. So, remember Poki’s advice about how powerful Sage is, and we’ll see you in Valorant.