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Two OP Cypher cam spots on Bind in Valorant let you see everything

Published: 24/Oct/2020 13:03 Updated: 1/Nov/2020 13:28

by Luke Edwards


While he’s not the flashiest, Cypher is arguably one of Valorant’s most OP agents – if you know how to use him. A newly discovered camera placement on Bind B site just shows the potential power he has in grabbing info for your team to turn into an advantage.

He doesn’t provide much on attack, but on defense, Cypher is a beast. Through his camera and tripwires, he can gain valuable info on enemies’ positions without the risk of peeking into an Operator.

One of the challenges for Cypher mains is finding camera spots that maximize information gained on enemy players, while ensuring the camera is obscured enough that it doesn’t get instantly picked off.

Reddit user u/zagort420 has spotted a neat new spot on the top-right corner of B site garden that covers both B long, and the bombsite itself.


When to use this Cypher setup

This is a pretty neat option for Cypher players who watch B long. It opens up an opportunity to place the camera, then go and hang out by elbow to wait for unsuspecting attackers to enter B from long. It’s also not in a super obvious spot, making it hard for opponents to pick off without giving away their location.

It also has the flexibility for an attacking Cypher holding B site. If you’re left to protect the spike in a 1v2 situation, you can keep an eye on multiple entry points to give yourself the vision advantage.

If you want to start using this camera spot yourself, it’s probably best not to do it all the time. It’s definitely a neat trick to keep up your sleeve, but if you use it too often, it will become far too predictable.

u/ZachAttack6089 followed up this post with a better-known but similarly useful camera spot.

Hopping into a custom game to practice these placements is also crucial if you want to perfect your defensive side setup.

The key to playing Cypher effectively is to mix up your camera and tripwire placements as much as possible, and these are useful options to add to your portfolio.


New FIFA 21 “What If” promo countdown: start date, leaks

Published: 26/Feb/2021 7:06

by Isaac McIntyre


“What If?” ⁠— it’s the age-old question people ask every day. Now, EA SPORTS has turned their heads to the same hypothetical, with a brand-new FIFA 21 Ultimate Team promo that is all set to dish out a new lineup of Live Cards.

There’s plenty of promos still in the bank for FIFA 21, including Carniball, FUT Birthday, and more, but it looks like EA SPORTS has gone for a new promo this time around.

This time around, the FIFA 21 publishers are asking “What If?” in another Live Card event which will allegedly be based around real-life football moments, like the popular Headliners event that ran earlier this year.

According to leaks, this will have a bit of a twist though, so that it doesn’t cross over with the win-based upgrades.

What If will apparently be based around “player objectives.”

EA has already confirmed the promo is on its way too, with a number of teasers spread across the FIFA 21 loading screen when booting up Ultimate Team.

Without further ado, here’s what we know about What If so far.

We could see some pretty high-rated FIFA cards in the new "What If" promo.
We could see some pretty high-rated FIFA 21 cards in the new “What If” promo.

When will the “What If” promo begin?

EA SPORTS has confirmed that the “What If” countdown has already begun in FUT. That means we’re likely to see the first promo team ⁠— if that’s what the devs have planned ⁠— drop at 6pm GMT on Friday, February 26, according to the countdown.

The “What If” event should include a Live Card promo squad, as well as special packs, player SBCs, and more. The event will likely run for just over a week.

Either way, EA is keeping us updated through new clues in the Ultimate Team screen, and should confirm the dates there. Keep tuned on our Twitter accounts, @UltimateTeamUK and @FutWatch, to see all the breaking news.

The usual teaser campaign for any new FIFA 21 promos, including "What If," started yesterday.
The usual teaser campaign for any new FIFA 21 promos, including “What If,” started yesterday.

How new FIFA 21 promo works

The new promo ⁠— likely called “What If” according to the FUT loading screen ⁠— has been tipped as a ‘Live Card’ event similar to the Headliners promo.

That means any special cards released during the next week or so (probably set to be unveiled this Friday) will be “live” cards throughout the rest of the FIFA 21 cycle.

The key difference between these What If cards and Headliners, however, is they will reward “objectives” in live games, “instead of wins.”

“Similar to Headliners… [but] it’s based on objectives,” popular FIFA insider KingLangpard posted on Twitter ahead of the official What If reveal.

According to the leaks, upgrades will be handed out for match-based milestones. “Score a certain amount of goals in five games, the ATK/MID players get boosted stats,” the insider explained. “Clean sheets give GK/DEF boosts.”

What If player card leaks

Looking to get a cheeky look at all the “What If” cards coming in the new FUT promo early? Well, lucky you ⁠— we’ve already got a few peeks.

EA SPORTS has, as per usual, begun loading small teasers onto the Ultimate Team loading screen (pictured below). These include three cards, branded with three clubs: Sevilla, Wolfsburg, and Chelsea. Each also has one face stat or overall rating revealed too.

The first (Sevilla) is a CAM with a “90” rating. The second (Wolfsburg) boasts a huge “94” pace, while the last early leaked What If card (Chelsea) has “89” defending.

If any more details leak, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Three new FIFA promo cards have been teased on the FUT loading screen.
Three new promo cards have been teased on the FUT loading screen.

Promo card design leak

The new promo card has already been uncovered in the FIFA 21 backend code as well, as datamined by Dexerto’s FutWatch. The branding is a rich purple mixed with black, white, and silver, with the word “FUT” and live arrows atop the card.

Here’s a first look at the new cards:

Expected What If promo content

FIFA 21 players should expect a hefty chunk of Ultimate Team content when the new-look “What If” promo drops in late February, including:

  • 1x “What If” live lineup
  • Player SBCs
  • Objective Players
  • Repeatable FUT Upgrade SBCs
  • Rare FUT Pack SBCs
  • Packs & Lighting Rounds

So there you have it ⁠— everything we know about FIFA 21’s brand new promo, so far. This looks like it could be a fan-favorite event with plenty of top-tier cards, so make sure you’re ready with plenty of packs, coins, and SBC fodder.

We’ll update this article when the promo begins. As always, stick with us on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK for all the latest FIFA news, updates, and content.