New Valorant trick lets Jett dodge Abyss spike explosions

Daniel Appleford
Jett in Valorant

Valorant players have discovered a strategic advantage on Abyss, using Jett’s unique Updraft ability to avoid dying to the spike.

Abyss was the new map added with the 8.11 update, released on June 11. The map offered a new way to play the game thanks to the ability to fall off it, whether intentionally or accidentally.

There have already been bugs found on Abyss that give players an added advantage, but this Jett trick is no bug and may save you from getting a pointless death. Thanks to the ability to go off the map on Abyss, Jett has new opportunities to outsmart her opponents with her floating passive. 

While on the B site, Jett can jump off the side of the map as the spike is set to go off. While that would mean death for all the other agents, Jett can use her Updraft to give herself added height. This, paired with her floating passive, gives her enough time to avoid the spike detonation without falling or having the spike touch her.

One Valorant player on Reddit discovered this technique and showed just how powerful Jett can be while floating to the bottom of the map.

Some commenters beneath the post began discussing why the Abyss death zone is so low, given that the original poster still made it quite a ways down the side of the map without dying. Others pointed out that it gives an advantage to other agents with escape capabilities. 

“I’m really happy for it. This way I can still bail as Yoru if I mess up and fall, provided I set a teleport before,” said one commenter.

“Gives agents with recovery abilities, Omen, Jett, Raze, Yoru, etc., time to activate their abilities before they die,” pointed out another

Abyss is now accessible to all players through the Abyss 24/7 playlist introduced in update 8.11. However, it will not be included in the competitive rotation for a few weeks to allow players time to familiarize themselves with its layout and mechanics.