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New Ascent map leaked for Valorant with Venetian theme

Published: 12/Apr/2020 21:50 Updated: 12/Apr/2020 21:58

by Albert Petrosyan


A Valorant dataminer claims to have discovered a fourth map for the game, called Ascent, which features a distinct Italian theme and ties to the city of Venice.

Valorant has been the talk of the town in the online gaming world, with millions of players either already enjoying the beta or spending countless hours in Twitch streams hoping to get lucky.

The beta features three maps – Haven, Bind, and Split – and with developers Riot Games recently confirming that a fourth one would be added, we may have gotten our first glimpse at what it could look like.

PixabayValorant’s next map is called Ascent and features a Venetian theme, according to new leaks.

According to a dataminer who goes by the name of ‘UlfricTheThird’ on Reddit, the new map is called Ascent, for which he was able to find some coding in the game’s backend files.

He was able to extract several textures, including gondola boats, pizza boxes with Italian writing, scaffolding/construction equipment, street lamps, and two street shops, named Baitshop and Boatshop respectively.

Based on these findings, Ulfric concluded that Ascent will be themed after Italy, more specifically Venice, as a lot of those textures fit in perfectly with what one would normally find in the iconic city.

New Map from VALORANT

Those textures were not the only things the dataminer discovered in his search through Valorant’s coding; he was also able to find the actual layout of Ascent, giving players an early look at what they should expect with the fourth map.

The design looks pretty similar to Split in that it has two sites that are on the northern and southern edges of the map and situated close to where the defending team spawns in.

There is a middle area, along with a series of pathways and alleys that connect all the sections together, so there will be several access points for teams to attack/defend.

Blitz.ggThe layout of the newly leaked Ascent map looks similar to that of Split (pictured here).

Those who have followed the development of Valorant were quick to notice that this isn’t the first time an Venetian theme has been connected with the game.

In fact, back on March 2, the official Twitter account posted a 30-second teaser showing Agents battling over a canal that looks very similar to the ones that are commonplace in the Italian city.

Furthermore, keen-eyed fans also remembered that one of the artists who worked on Sage posted some artwork that included “Episode 1: Rise of Venice” written along the bottom. So all indications are that this leak is legitimate and has ties into the game’s early lore.

Episode 1: Rise of Venice from VALORANT

What the dataminer was not able to find out about Ascent is its release date, so there’s no telling if Riot will introduce it during the beta phase or wait until the full launch this summer.

Based on how they’ve treated the beta, teasing that it could go on for a couple of months, chances are they’ll probably roll it out sometime soon so that players can get a feel for it ahead of the game’s official release.


Valorant dev confirms changes for several Agents: Breach, Cypher, more

Published: 25/Oct/2020 0:55

by Alan Bernal


A Valorant developer has confirmed that the studio is looking to make changes to the likes of Cypher, Breach, Killjoy, and Brimstone that could be coming in Patch 1.11 and beyond.

Senior Game Designer on Valorant, Max ‘Orcane’ Grossman told Hitscan how Riot wants to change these characters in the future, and while he didn’t go into much detail, he explained what kind of impact they expect these gameplay changes to have.

While some of the changes should fit in the upcoming update, Patch 1.11, Grossman said that others are just getting looked into like possible balance changes to Brimstone.

Riot are even planning some shake ups to how some Agents are used, like making Cypher and Killjoys roles more defined to their “identities.”

Brimstone Killjoy Valorant Skye
Riot Games
Changes for Killjoy and Brimstone could be coming soon.


Even though the Swedish engineer is already seen as a strong pick, Riot actually thinks there are improvements to be made for him. “I know there’s a community sentiment of Breach feeling really strong right now. Internally, the data does not even remotely backup that sentiment,” Grossman said, clarifying that the buff should be “minor.”

He said that pick and win rates are low for Breach, despite people saying he’s in a good place. The developer thinks it’s because the Agent’s “high teamwork requirement” to make an impact doesn’t necessarily work out well in typical matchmaking.

While players “feel his presence a lot” due to all the flashes and stuns he can dish out, Breach or his team can’t capitalize on these effects so often, according to Grossman.

breach jett valorant
Riot Games
Though Breach has a ton of stuns or blinds, Riot isn’t seeing them result in many kills.

Cypher and Killjoy

Both Sentinels are highly-valued for their utility that can detect opponents while the player is elsewhere on the map, but Grossman says that he wants to see them used more distinctly.

“Killjoy has always been, in our minds, very potent at locking down a single site,” he said. “Whereas Cypher is more about creating this information network across the map. So we’re really trying to drill into those identities.”

This could mean anything from changes to how Killjoy’s turret works or how Cypher operates on a team, but that remains to be seen.


Brim’s incredible array of utility can’t go understated, but Riot are going to look at how to give the Agent a bit more flexibility that would make him an attractive pick as opposed to someone like Omen.

“When we look at Brimstone, there are reasons that I still think he’s really potent but I think he suffers in a couple of key areas with regards to flexibility compared to a character like Omen,” he said.

While the developers have just begun looking at how to make that happen, it’s a conversation they want to engage in since Brim can be really strong on maps like Bind.

As Riot discovers more about how players are using Agents, more changes will surely come about. But there should be some healthy short-term balances for Valorant that come in Patch 1.11, which is expected to drop on October 27.