Riot dev reveals plans for ranked mode in Valorant closed beta

Andy Williams
Valorant rating system plan revealed by Riot dev

Valorant Game Developer Joe Ziegler has revealed Riot Games’ plans to incorporate a ‘Rated’ mode in their tactical shooter during the closed beta.

With big names from all corners of the esports world flooding into Valorant’s beta servers, Riot’s new tactical shooter has quickly become the hottest new FPS on the market months before its official launch.

While high-fidelity, tactical gameplay is at the forefront of Riot’s priorities, there have been some complaints about their skill-based matchmaking system and its consistency from game-to-game.

Valorant gameplay on Bind.
Valorant’s in-game mechanics reward skill over luck/better internet, as Riot have tackled online gaming’s biggest task head on.

One match you could be facing an evenly matched team, while in the next you could completely flush your opponent out of the server.

Of course, the unpredictability of matchmaking with a casual player baser is hard to factor into that, so players looking for a more challenging and competitive experience would usually turn to a competitive or ranked playlist.

Of course, with Valorant still not Riot’s finished product, there are plenty more features to come both throughout the beta and at launch.

But a ‘Rated’ playlist could be in the works much sooner than anticipated, as Ziegler revealed that testing for the mode is “coming in a couple weeks.”

As of right now, all players are pooled into one matchmaking queue, which means that those looking for a more competitive experience are having to rely on luck of the draw, since a global SBMM algorithm has so many more variables to factor.

But with a Rated mode in the works, plenty of Valorant’s player base will be keen to sharpen up their skills to earn the best possible rank before the game’s official launch. Progress is unlikely to carry over from the beta into the full game however.

Valorant rating system.
Each of Valorant’s ratings come with their own distinct badge to sport inside the server.

Those keeping tabs will have already clocked that the Valorant ‘ratings’ have already been released, with Riot ranging players from ‘Mercenary’ all the way up to ‘Immortal.’

If you’re still looking to get into the Valorant closed beta, check out our guide on how to get a Valorant closed beta drop on Twitch.

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