Riot reveal how many maps and Agents Valorant will have at launch

. 2 years ago
Riot Games

Riot Games have revealed the total number of maps and playable agents that will be included in Valorant at launch, which beta players could see arrive any time over the next few months.

Valorant’s closed beta launched on April 7 with 10 agents (five being available straight away) and three different maps for players to try out.

One of the agents available on day one was Raze, who came out the same day with little fanfare attached, but an incredibly powerful kit.

Riot Games
Raze won’t be the only new agent added to Valorant before launch.

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Riot revealed on April 8 that, in addition to the current characters, players would also see two more arrive by launch, but when that will happen or what they’ll be like is unknown.

That means we’ll have 12 total agents when Valorant comes out of beta sometime this summer. That’s more than Apex Legends had at launch (eight) and slightly less than Overwatch’s 21 heroes at release.

As players learn more about Valorant’s cast of characters and the ways their abilities can be used to determine the outcome of fights, new ones being added will definitely shake things up, even still in beta.

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In addition to the new agents, Valorant will also get one more new map before its summer 2020 release date, for a total of four.

That might not seem like a lot if you come from a game like Overwatch with more than 20 maps, but Valorant’s movement and gunplay are much more similar to a game like CS:GO, which forces you to learn every angle, corner, and detail of each stage.

Riot Games
Valorant will come with four different stages at launch, with three available at the beta release.

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As we said before, an exact timeframe for this new content is unknown, but Riot’s new team-based FPS is set for a 2020 release date, so expect to see them sometime before then.

This could mean that we’ll see less new maps than agents when it comes to Valorant, in the long-term. For now, players will probably just be hyped for any and all new additions.

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