Nadeshot responds to VCT star Boostio’s complaints about being on 100 Thieves

Jeremy Gan
Boostio at VCT Americas Stage 2

Nadeshot has responded to 100 Thieves Valorant star Boostio’s complaints of the org’s content requirements after calling it ‘too much’.

VCT Americas has kicked off Stage 2 and it has seen some of Americas’ returning teams from Masters Shanghai start off in rocky form. Leviatán and G2 won their matches, however, 100 Thieves lost against FURIA in close fashion.

As Stage 2 ends its first week, 100 Thieves finds itself in a precarious place in the standings. They are on the verge of not making the playoffs after a fourth-place finish at the recent Masters Shanghai and winning Stage 1 of VCT Americas.

Now, after 100 Thieves lost in the opening week, a clip has surfaced from their star player, Kelden ‘Boostio’ Pupello, complaining about his packed content schedule.

 “I did 14 hours of content two days ago, I did four hours today, Monday I did two [hours], and on the 25, I got another four-hour shoot at 7AM,” Boostio said, describing his schedule in a stream.

“100T does not want us to win, by the way, 100T does not give a f*** if we win. They do not care. They actually don’t care, it’s just content.”

After the clip spread around, 100 Thieves founder Nadeshot responded to Boostio’s complaints during his own stream – arguing that the particular week he was talking about was too busy but that it should have been handled internally.

“Unfortunately it sounds like the content schedule, for whatever week he’s talking about, was a little maxed out in RPMs, a little too much,” said Nadeshot. “Again, I need to get more context on that, because I don’t think we’ve ever tried to kill our players’ with content shoots.”

Nadeshot clarified that he wasn’t “upset” hearing Boostio publicly complain as he knows he “cares about winning” and that he has strong opinions – something Nadeshot considers a good trait.

“I f*** with Boostio, I want him to be happy on 100 Thieves,” Nadeshot said. “I don’t know how we got from winning the last playoffs to then Shanghai to then now, where he’s talking on stream about ‘They can drop me I don’t care, who’s going to say anything to me…’

“I just think this has taken a left turn and I’m trying to figure out how it’s even possible for us to take a left turn.”

The only criticisms Nadeshot had for Boostio were that he could “work on his tone” and wished he had gone through the proper channels first.

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