LOUD to miss first international VCT event since Valorant debut due to 100 Thieves loss

Jeremy Gan
LOUD in VCT Americas on stage

LOUD is missing their first international event since entering Valorant as a result of their defeat to 100 Thieves in VCT Americas Stage 1. 

VCT Americas Stage 1 has already produced upsets coming into the playoffs as Sentinels failed to make it out of their groups and as a result, Masters Shanghai, after winning Madrid. 

Now yet another Madrid top four has not qualified in LOUD, which marks the first time the org has failed to qualify for an international LAN, bringing their streak to a halt. 

In the Knockout Round of the Playoffs, LOUD was put into an elimination match against 100 Thieves after barely securing a spot during the group stage.

Despite not topping the group, 100 Thieves did well in the stage, only losing to Sentinels fresh from their win in Madrid and KRÜ Esports who were on streak. 

No team was heavily favored coming into the match, however, 100 Thieves dominated LOUD on both maps, losing 13-6 on Bind and 13-4 on Icebox, giving 100 Thieves a chance to make it to their first international LAN since Champions 2022. 

LOUD meanwhile sees themselves finish at 5th to 6th in VCT Americas. It also makes this the first time LOUD has failed to qualify for an international event. 

Since entering the scene in 2022, they’ve made every single Masters and Champions event they could, winning a Championship along the way. 

This also means their international LAN streak has come to an end at seven events in a row, now with Paper Rex taking the lead at eight events in a row. 

LOUD will return to VCT in June for VCT Americas Stage 2 after the end of Masters Shanghai.