Nadeshot responds to Sentinels after 100 Thieves season-ending VCT loss

Declan Mclaughlin
nadeshot talking about 100 thieves layoffs

Sentinels defeated 100 Thieves 2-1 in the VCT Americas LCQ tournament. Afterward, 100 Thieves CEO and owner Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag took to Twitter after the Sentinels loss to express his frustration.

Sentinels vs. 100 Thieves was the most hyped-up matchup in the VCT Americas LCQ tournament as both organizations have huge fan followings. Valorant players also plugged the contest weeks in advance as an important matchup for the tournament and potentially the offseason for the losing team.

Sentinels won the series, and moved on in the tournament, while 100 Thieves were eliminated and have a long offseason ahead of them. No offseason tournaments have been announced for the region as of the time of writing, and the VCT free-agency period doesn’t start until after Valorant Champions concludes at the end of August.

Nadeshot tweets after loss to Sentinels in Valorant

After the series came to a close, 100T CEO and owner Nadeshot took to Twitter, along with most of the Valorant community, to indirectly comment about the match.

First, he tweeted a photo of himself in a red gradient, the same shot of him watching LA Thieves fall short at CDL Champs 2023 last month. He then responded to a post-match tweet from Sentinels that featured a meme of him in the upcoming “Oppenheimer” movie

The meme is in reference to Nadeshot potentially “blowing up” the current 100 Thieves Valorant lineup, which is something he has done before. The 100T CEO responded with a meme from the upcoming movie “Barbie” with a photo of actor Ben Affleck and the word “depressed” over his head.

While the community and Nadeshot are having fun online, 100 Thieves could be headed towards roster moves in the near future of its Valorant team. The roster didn’t make much of a dent this year in terms of results. The squad failed to make Valorant Champions, VCT Masters Tokyo, VCT Americas Playoffs and left VCT LOCK//IN in the third round.

But, nothing has been confirmed by the CEO and the offseason is still months away at this point.