Nadeshot hits back at claim 100 Thieves player was “high” during CDL match

Meera Jacka
Nadeshot defends Ghosty's alleged use of drugs in Call of Duty League matches

Nadeshot has come to the defense of his teammate, Ghosty after the latter was accused of using drugs during Call of Duty League matches.

Matthew Haag, better known as ‘Nadeshot’ online, is not only a former professional Call of Duty player but also the founder, co-owner, and CEO of 100 Thieves.

Now, he is coming to the defense of one of his team’s best players, Daniel ‘Ghosty’ Rothe, who joined the LA Thieves in September 2023.

The drama first began when Daunte ‘Sib’ Gray accused Ghosty of smoking weed before matches, resulting in fans of the game demanding to hear Nadeshot’s take on the situation.

Reaching out to Nadeshot via X (formerly Twitter), user ‘karlruss17‘ wrote, “Nadeshot, one of your [players] Ghosty is playing [official] CDL [matches] while high on weed.”

Karl then told the 100 Thieves CEO to “address this issue” before those running the game’s matches “find out”. However, Nadeshot hit back by taking Ghosty’s side on the matter.

“I got no idea if he is but that man has been slamming all year, I got half a mind to go smoke that chronic with him,” Nadeshot responded, before calling out Karl for throwing Ghosty under the bus. “Nobody likes a narc, kick rocks pal.”

He then went on to share a screenshot of the response, writing, “We’re smoking weed live on stream in solidarity with [Ghosty].”

In the United States, cannabis is legal in 24 of 50 states for recreational use. Many have since praised Nadeshot for his response to the situation; “This is what they meant by leading by example.”

“Performance enhancing? Nah, just vibe and chill,” one person wrote. A second user said, “I’m so proud of you Daniel.”

However, not all were on board with Nadeshot’s take, one user claiming, “Streamers continue to set horrible examples for kids.” Another said, “Then people wonder why esports isn’t taken more serious. Much love Nade but horrible take and position to have.”

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