MENA fans upset over no Dallah gun buddy drop in Valorant

MENA-ValorantRiot Games

Valorant has come under further scrutiny as the MENA exclusive Dallah gun buddy hasn’t dropped for a lot of players.

Update 9th November at 5:16PM (GMT): The Dallah gun buddy has been added to all players inventories worldwide to celebrate MENA joining Future Earth. 

The beginning of Act III saw a new age of Valorant. Amid a plethora of cool new features, one of the most important changes was the introduction of servers for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

This brought an entirely new sector of the globe into the Valorant fold, and for many it was a step forward to see these often forgotten regions take to the Future Earth stage.

As a welcome for these new players, an exclusive drop on the 28 October containing the Dallah gun buddy was supposed to take place. However, it seems that a lot of players haven’t received their gun buddy yet, and are taking to Twitter to voice their disapproval.

Dallah-Gun-BuddyRiot Games
This tiny coffee pot is causing Riot Games a lot of trouble.

Riot need to wake up and smell the coffee

In a recent tweet, Valorant shouted out MENA for their creative content pieces and overall contribution to the Valorant scene.

However, the responses to this post were immediately flooded with angry tweets from fans asking where the gun buddy that they had been promised had ended up. A reply from user HuggeK started a snowball of comments demanding to know where the tiny coffee pot had ended up.

This sparked a wave of angry Twitter comments from other MENA players, all asking when the gun buddy will be credited to their account.

Several threads on Reddit are also discussing the logistics of the gun buddy drop, with user ZeBushMan’s thread considering the idea that the buddy may have been delayed due to the issues associated with patch 1.11.

Hopefully, our MENA counterparts get this adorable little gun buddy. It’s a symbol of their heritage, as well as marking their proud entry to the Valorant fray – plus it’ll make all of the other regions jealous.