How to watch $20K Code Green Valorant tournament ft. Summit1g, Myth, more

Riot Games / BoomTV

Online tournament hosts BoomTV have partnered with CashApp yet again to host a $20,000 Valorant tournament, featuring many of the biggest streamers and content creators, as well as giving viewers the chance to win some money.

BoomTV, who is known for their popular Code Red tournament series, has partnered with CashApp again following their recent Warzone competition, for another ‘Code Green’ event on Valorant that kicks off April 17.

Among those competing are some of the biggest names from the online gaming community, including streamers, pro players, and more. Below, you can find everything you need to know about the competition, including the schedule, teams, format, and how to win a share of the $10,000 giveaway.

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When is the Code Green Valorant tournament?

The event is set for Friday, April 17, with the action kicking off at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST / 6 PM GMT.

The Code Green tournament will be livestreamed on CashApp’s official Twitch channel, which will be included below. Many of the players involved will also be broadcasting their POV’s on their own channels, a few of which we’ve also included.






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Code Green Valorant tournament – live standings

The standings will be updated live throughout the day as the results from each team’s matches come in. You can check out the current placements by visiting BoomTV’s Code Green Valorant page HERE.

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Player and Groups

The competition features 16 teams in total, each with five players, that will be split into four groups of four, before moving onto to bracket play later in the event.

You can find all of the teams, players and groups in the Valorant tournament below.

Group A

  • QuarterJade, fuslie, peterparkTV, edisonparklive, Masayoshi
  • imaqtpie, DisguisedToast, Shiphtur, Senzeeh, iiTzTimmy
  • TSM_ImperialHal, Albralelie, TSM_Reps,THump, zachmazer
  • summit1g, LIRIK, JoshOG, KingRichard, BoomTest3

Group B

  • sgares, AaronnFtw, Silent, ddkTV, MikesHD
  • nothing, Skadoodle, brax, Hiko, AZKcs
  • Trick2g, TGLTN, Bahawaka, DrasseL, Tennp0
  • SpaceLyon, TenZ, PVPx, Bohon, FizzilOG

Group C

  • Bnans, Electra, LuluLuvely, FooYa, missharvey
  • JordanFisher, Kephrii, highwayw, AntoOW, ZerG
  • sonii, TheBcJ, kabooseCS, jcStani, Grego
  • Myth, xQc, Gale_Adelade, WARDELL, Subroza

Group D

  • Bronzeys, Payne, Pfitter, Wonderfuls, Yelo
  • JakenbakeLive, A_Seagull, ShahZaM, Emongg, crashies
  • cloakzy, drone, HoppinAround, RelyksOG, reltuC
  • sYnceDez, zombs, retzi, its_WiKeD, Kurt

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Prize breakdown

The $20,000 dollar prize pool will be split between the teams that place within the top three, with all prize money going to charities of the teams’ choice.

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  • 1st Place: $12,000

  • 2nd Place: $5,000

  • 3rd Place: $3,000

How to win a share of the $10,000 giveaway

As part of the promotion of this event, CashApp will be giving away a total $10,000 in prize money to viewers throughout the day. In order to enter for a chance to win some cash, all you have to do is watch the main stream and type your $CashTag in the chat when prompted.

It’s not clear when the winners will be announced, but it’s more than likely going to happen directly after the tournament unless CashApp decide to do it live as they’re chosen.

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