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Summit1g slams Twitch streamers abusing Valorant beta with 24/7 streams

Published: 17/Apr/2020 3:55

by Brad Norton


Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar is fed up with Valorant Twitch streamers exploiting the platform during the game’s beta, slamming those who leave their channels running 24/7.

Twitch streamers have been looking for any edge they can get to pump up their statistics during the record-breaking Valorant beta period. While many have been grinding for longer hours than usual to stay atop the pack, others have found a controversial workaround.

Instead of actually playing the game non-stop and organically raking in the viewership, select Twitch streamers have just been airing repeats of old gameplay, all without toggling the ‘rerun’ feature on the Amazon-owned streaming platform. In response to the controversy, Summit1g put everyone on blast in a heated April 16 tirade.


Riot Games
Summit1g has had enough of Twitch streamers abusing Valorant’s beta drops.

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Initially, a number of streamers would keep their channels live and argue that it’s for a noble cause. Simply helping their viewers with a better chance at Valorant beta drops. “No one’s hurting on drops because you’re gone for a night,” Summit quickly responded to that line of thinking.

However, the beta for Riot’s upcoming FPS recently made a big adjustment on that front. Now, any channel livestreaming the game on Twitch is able to provide beta drops. Because of this, many are broadcasting 24 hours every day in order to keep on top of the platform.


“All you’re doing is hurting every single other person in the section below you,” he explained. “Eight hours a day, 12 hours a day, 15 hours a day…as long as you’re there, I understand. I do it too. I f**king grind the sh*t out of it because I know what it means to the channel.”

Twitch features its own ‘rerun’ function that allows channels to replay previous broadcasts in full, yet some of the biggest streamers have been ignoring the option in order to keep their viewership thriving.

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“It’s extremely distasteful in my opinion, to use this livestreaming service and then completely ignore the ‘rerun’ feature. F**king stupid man, I just don’t understand that sh*t. It’s a livestreaming platform.”


Arguing that the rerun option gives big channels a significant drop in viewership, Summit understands why it’s not a commonly used feature. But he still vented his frustration in regard to the way many Twitch personalities have been abusing 24/7 streams during the Valorant beta.

“I’ve got people hitting me up, to host them after, so that they can get ahead of a f**king VOD stream. And that f**king sucks.”

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Summit has been actively playing the Riot FPS since the day it became available. He’s been one of the top channels, though he certainly hasn’t been keeping his stream live every hour of every day.


“At least do your job, it’s not a hard one,” he jokingly wrapped up, poking fun at all the Twitch streamers in question.