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Valorant dev explains how ‘OP’ movement trick is actually balanced

Published: 17/Apr/2020 8:55

by Brad Norton


A unique movement trick on Valorant’s Split has players questioning whether it’s an intended feature or a broken exploit. Thankfully, a Riot dev quickly chimed in and explained how it all works.

While Valorant’s closed beta has only been accessible for just over a week, players are already starting to figure out some clever tactics on each of the three maps.

Split has been in the crosshairs of the community lately for one particularly controversial tactic. However, a Riot dev quickly responded to claims that this rope-based movement trick is “overpowered.”

Riot Games
The scale-able ropes on Split have been the source of some controversy.

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Each of the maps in Valorant seem to feature one unique function exclusive to that battleground. Bind is the only map thus far to include teleporters while Haven is currently the only map in the game with three bombsites. 


Split is unique in that the map includes a few ropes that players can hook onto in order to quickly scale up to high ground or glide down to the lower level.

Players are still able to fire their weapons while attached to these ropes, however. Players have expressed concern about that particular mechanic providing an unfair advantage, especially with weapons seeming to maintain their accuracy while sliding.

“Is Rope Accuracy here to stay?” Reddit user ‘Octopaulx’ questioned. “It seems a bit overpowered with the extra movement speed you get.” 

Is Rope Accuracy here to stay? It seems a bit overpowered with the extra movement speed you get: from VALORANT

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Responding to a clip in question, as ‘itspol’ gunned down multiple enemies while peeking from the rope on Split, Valorant developer Pearl ‘ManWolfAxeBoss’ Hogbash assured that the feature was working as intended. 


While it may appear as though accuracy is upheld on the ropes, it turns out that it’s actually “a bit worse” than accuracy when in a “walking state.”

“These are nice shots, but also some luck involved,” they explained. “We’re keeping an eye on how it plays and will tune as needed. To clarify, there’s also no move speed bonus. If you’re just going up/down without walk held, you move about the same speed as when running with an Operator.”

The only noticeable benefit of the movement trick on Split, according to the developer, is that climbing the rope will make you “hit max speed almost instantly.” This means players can peek angles that little bit faster than usual.


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However, despite the clairifaction, the ropes on Split are still a controversial topic. Valorant developers are aware of the debate though, and open to changes down the line.

With a ranked mode coming in the near future, this could be just one of many powerful tricks that players look to employ in order to edge out the competition.