How to check your Valorant stats: Year in Review guide

valorant yearly stats emailRiot Games

While there’s no simple way of checking your Valorant stats in-game, Riot has enabled a yearly breakdown to give you an overview of everything from matches won, damage dealt, even down to headshot accuracy.

Whether you played from beta, hanging around in Twitch streams waiting for an access key, or picked up the game more recently, there’s little doubt that Valorant has been a smash hit among players.

To celebrate the game‘s exponential growth, Riot are emailing players a summary of their stats, including games won, damage dealt, and KDA.

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However, some players are yet to receive an email; if this is you, there are a few checks you can do that will make all the difference.

Valorant statsRiot Games
Players can also see their shot distribution from the past year.

How to get Valorant Year in Review stats

Your first step should be to check the inbox of the email address linked to your Riot account. If you’re not sure which email you have linked, sign in to the Riot Games account manager with your username and password – it should provide a hint as to which email you’ve used.

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If it’s not in your inbox, check your junk or spam folder.

If it’s still not there, sign in to your account on the Riot Games website and click on the Communication Preferences tab. Make sure you have the Communication from Riot Games box ticked, as this will give Riot permission to send you the stats.

Below is a simple step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Check the inbox of your email linked to Riot Games.
  2. Double-check your spam/junk folder.
  3. If you still can’t find it, log in to the Riot Games site and ensure you have the Communication from Riot Games box ticked in ‘Communication Preferences.’
Riot Games communication box for Valorant and LoLRiot Games
You’ll need to make sure this box is ticked to receive your stats.

You should receive an email containing your overall Valorant stats in no time at all. If there’s still nothing in your account, give it some time and Riot should deliver soon,

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By doing these checks, you can give yourself the chance of seeing your Valorant stats from year one.

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