Envy’s FNS blasts Valorant Champions for freezing conditions during match

Riot Games/Team Envy

Team Envy IGL Pujan ‘FNS’ Mehta blasted the conditions his teammate Victor ‘Victor’ Wong had to put up with during their December 6 match at Valorant Champions 2021.

After Team Envy’s 2-0 loss to Acend in the Group A Winners’ Match, Team Envy IGL FNS spoke to Dexerto about what led to the result.

The former CSGO pro singled out the questionable conditions for his NV teammate, Victor, who was playing in isolation due to health and safety protocols for returning a positive test result.

Victor stuck in “freezing cold” room

Riot Games
Envy faltered against Acend, losing 0-2 in the December 6 match.

FNS explained that Envy were caught “unaware” where they normally wouldn’t be, with Acend scoring some “weird” kills. While he didn’t blame the entire loss on the conditions Victor faced, FNS said it was a “clear disadvantage” for the Valorant star.

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“Not to make an excuse, but we also had a player in a really sh*tty situation in a room by himself that was freezing cold,” FNS told Dexerto. “Victor was just sitting there and couldn’t do anything about it, he’s isolated, and his window is broken.

“So I think it was really hard to play for him as well.”

The temperature in Berlin during the Envy vs. Acend match got down to a freezing 32° Fahrenheit (0° Celsius). With a window that was unable to be closed, it’s not surprising Victor was literally playing on ice for the entire match.

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“He literally had to play in a hoodie and even then it was cold,” FNS continued. “When your hands get cold it’s very very hard to compete at the highest level when you’re not playing against players who are also in the same situation.

“So we had a player that was at a clear disadvantage, that was really frustrating, something we’re definitely going to be complaining about.”

“One of the worst events I’ve been to”

Riot Games
Team Envy feels they were literally left out in the cold while playing Acend.

The Canadian pro, who played CSGO professionally since 2012 before switching to Valorant, even went on to call the 2021 Champions tournament one of the worst events he’s ever been a part of.

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“Probably one of the worst events I’ve been to because of this covid situation. Not blaming anyone in this situation,” he clarified. “But this covid thing happening to us, windows not fixed, players in the freezing cold and not being able to do anything about it. I’ve been competing a long time, I’ve never dealt with this sh*t.”

Despite the loss Envy, aren’t out of VCT Champions yet. They’ll face Thai esports org X10 on December 7 in the Group A Decider match. This is a must-win if they want to survive and move on, so hopefully, Victor will have warmer accommodations or at least a window that actually works.

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