Shroud reveals biggest reason why he won’t compete in CSGO or Valorant

shroud streaming on TwitchTwitch: shroud

Twitch icon Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has revealed one reason why he’d never return to professional CSGO or join the Valorant esports scene, and it’s pretty hilarious. 

Before he was a Twitch legend, FPS star shroud made his name in the professional Counter-Strike scene, where his skills ranked him amid the world’s best players.

Since retiring from the pro sphere he’s become a pillar within the Valorant community, often comparing his competitive experience playing Riot Games’ flagship FPS to Valve’s “boomer” shooter.

Despite fans begging the star to return to the esports world, with many asking him to create his own org, shroud has revealed exactly why headshotting the competition on the big stage just doesn’t appeal to him anymore – and the reason is entirely relatable.

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twitch streamer shroud streamingTwitch: shroud
Shroud is pretty adamant that an esports return isn’t on the cards.

Shroud discusses going pro again in Valorant or CSGO

During a watch party for the ongoing Valorant global tournament, Valorant Champions Tour (VCT,) shroud started to discuss his experiences CS on LAN.

“It [Valorant] feels pretty good online, so I don’t quite know how it’ll feel on LAN,” he notes. “CS felt terrible online. But this game, in my opinion, feels a lot better online than CS. I imagine on LAN it will feel good, for sure, but I don’t imagine it being that different, right?”

Ending the LAN discussion with an ominous “you never know. Maybe it is. Maybe I’ll play one day,” this quickly prompts the question “are you coming back?” Shutting it down with a solid “no,” he goes on to elaborate why.

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“Um… too much work and I’m lazy… I don’t know. Listen, if I was a pro I couldn’t play New World and that would p**s me off,” he concluded, referring to Amazon’s new MMO title.

It’s no secret that the Twitch sensation has been spending a lot of time traversing the corrupted shores of Aeternum, discussing at length how Amazon can go about improving the game.

What would happen, though, if there was a New World esports scene in the future? Would we finally witness the return of pro player shroud? We’ll have to cross our fingers and see what the future holds.

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