CSGO star s1mple says he’d “destroy” if he joined NAVI’s Valorant team

S1mple at csgo majorJoão Ferreira/Dexerto

While hanging out on Tarik’s VCT LOCK//IN 2023 re-stream, CSGO superstar s1mple claimed that NAVI would improve if he replaced any of their players and was on the stage himself.

In terms of Valorant talent, NAVI is a pretty stacked team. Four of the five players on this team are from the FPX roster that dissolved following the 2023 move to franchising for major regions.

These players have since teamed up with cNed, someone who played a significant role in ACEND’s VCT 2021 win. This team has some of the best players in Valorant and high expectations behind them.

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s1mple, one of the most recognizable players not only in CSGO but all of esports, claimed that NAVI’s Valorant team would improve if he were on it. “If I were to sit there instead of any NAVI player right now, I would destroy them.”

s1mple claims he’d dominate Valorant on NAVI’s team

s1mple’s reputation precedes him. From taking home many a CSGO major title to being recognized as the player that defined the last decade of competitive Counter-Strike, he’s got a stacked trophy cabinet.

Valorant has become a destination for CS pros, with many players moving on from the title to try their luck at being a Valorant pro. There are some big differences between the two games, but the core shooting mechanics are fairly similar.

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s1mple claimed that he’d “destroy” if he were to make the swap to NAVI’s Valorant team, and that he’d be an instant improvement for the team over anyone they’ve got on the roster.

“I will just shoot them in the head. That’s it. I don’t even need skills, this is why I play Reyna.” s1mple has a history of excellence both as a rifler and an AWPer, so it’s no surprise that he gravitates toward a duelist like Reyna.

What’s more, s1mple hasn’t ruled out a swap to Valorant in the past. He still has some things he’d like to accomplish in CSGO before he thinks about jumping ship, but there’s no telling what this veteran CS pro could do with some practice playing Valorant and a good team around him.

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