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Crazy Valorant glitch lets players wallbang through any wall

Published: 8/Jun/2020 10:08 Updated: 8/Jun/2020 10:12

by Connor Bennett


A crazy glitch is letting Valorant players shoot and kill enemies through any wall just so long as they’ve tracked them with a shot in the hands. 

After a few weeks of testing, Riot Games finally launched Valorant on June 2 – giving players across the globe who didn’t get some highly sought after beta access a chance to finally test their skills. 

There have been a few issues upon launch, however, with players finding bugs that see Reyna getting stuck inside other Agents and having Sova’s Owl Drone turn into a moving wallhack. Yet, the newest problem is a bit more eyebrow-raising than them. 


Valorant's Cypher.
Riot Games
Valorant’s new issue revolves around Cypher.

The new issue was uncovered by Reddit user Mowfling, who showcased a video of them and a pal recreating the exploit on Bind. All it took was for the Redditor to throw out Cypher’s Spycam and then hit their friend, in the had, with a tracking dart.

The player who was being tracked stayed in the Garden spot, while the other ran down to the bottom of B Long and started shooting through the huge wall that separated the pair. It wasn’t an instant death but after two shots through the wall, the other player was taken down. 


So you can wallbang through anywall if you shoot somebody’s hand… from VALORANT

Some onlookers suggested that it could be a problem with this one specific wall. However, Mowfling noted that it wasn’t just a location problem. “We tested on multiple walls, it works,” they added. 

While plenty of Redditors registered their confusion, others claimed that by shooting the hands and standing next to the wall, the tracked player is clipping through the wall – meaning that they can be shot through it without any issue.

While the developers have, in the past, moved quickly to address bugs on the game’s subreddit, they haven’t yet commented on this bug at the time of writing.


It remains to be seen as to whether or not they are aware of it, and if they are, how quick a fix can be rolled out to address the issue before it becomes rampant in matches.