Twitch Rivals Valorant Launch Showdown: Final placements

Bill Cooney

Valorant seems tailor-made for esports and one of the first major tournaments following its release from beta was the Twitch Rivals: Launch Showdown.

The European and North American regions came into the Showdown featuring big esports names like Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski, Lucas ‘Mendo’ Hakansson, Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won, and much more, alongside streamers like Lisa ‘STPeach’ Vannatta, Jake ‘JakeNBake’ Abramson, and Gotaga, to name a few.

For a further breakdown of each team in the tournament before we get to the final results, you can reference our Valorant Launch Showdown Hub for the full list of esports pros and streamers that faced off over the weekend.

Europe 1 Final Placements

In EU Group 1, Team Mixwell absolutely dominated the bracket, winning six out of six matches to fly through the playoffs taking a convincing first place.

This winning squad was made up of pros from the EU Counter-Strike scene who are dipping their toes into Valorant, inclduing William ‘draken’ Sundin, Ardis ‘ardiis’ Svarenieks, and of course Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas Colocho.

Team W/L Earnings
1. Team Mixwell 6-0 $12,250
2. Team ONSCREEN 5-1 $7,250
3. Team bonkar 4-1 $4,750
4. Team Lutti 3-2 $4,250
5. Team Mickalow 3-1 $3,500
6. Team Valkia 2-2 $3,000
6. Team Solaaaa 2-2 $3,000
6. Team Skyyart 2-2 $3,000

Europe 2 Final Placements

Over in the other European bracket, it was Team Duno that took first place. Featuring Kazakh CSGO pro Dmitriy ‘dimasick’ Matvienko, and Ukranian Counter-Strike turned Valorant player Vladyslav ‘arch’ Svistov. The team kept a low profile until the playoffs, where they too blitzed through with six wins and no losses.

CS:GO is wildly popular in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, and while it might be too early to tell just yet, it seems Valorant and its similar playstyle is having no problem catching on and making waves in these nations either.

Team W/L Earnings
1. Team Duno 6-0 $12,250
2. Team wtcN 5-1 $7,250
3. Team Izak 3-2 $4,250
3. Team gdolphnn 3-2 $4,250
5. Team Nookyyy 3-1 $3,500
5. Team Exileshow 3-1 $3,500
6. Team Lothar 2-2 $3,000
6. Team Orb 2-2 $3,000

North America Final Placements

In North America, Team Brax (T1) managed to eke out a win against Team Myth (TSM). While Brax’s squad convincingly took home Bind 13-7 on map one, Myth’s team brought it back on Haven with a solid defence half to force a map three.

However, back on Bind, Team Brax proved to be too hard to deal with. While Team Myth put up more of a fight, it wasn’t enough to dislodge one of NA Valorant’s most formidable rosters, as they took home the final map 13-10.

Team W/L Earnings
1. Team Brax 5-0 $10,250
2. Team Myth 4-1 $7,250
3. Team sh0ts 3-1 $4,750
3. Team Mendo 3-1 $4,750
5. Team Dizzy 2-1 $1,750
5. Team JakenbakeLIVE 2-1 $1,750
5. Team fl0m 2-1 $1,750
5. Team JordanFisher 2-1 $1,750
9. Team TenZ 1-2 $1,250
9. Team Aceu 1-2 $1,250
9. Team StPeach 1-2 $1,250
9. Team Bnans 1-2 $1,250
13. Team Hiko 0-3 $750
13. Team Kephrii 0-3 $750
13. Team CDNThe3rd 0-3 $750
13. Team AustinCreed 0-3 $750

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