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Valorant exploit with Sova’s Owl Drone is “basically a wall hack”

Published: 6/Jun/2020 22:12 Updated: 6/Jun/2020 22:13

by Alan Bernal


Only a handful of Agents in Valorant specialize in getting vision on the map, although an exploit with Sova’s flying drone can give him a way to spy behind enemy lines without detection.

The glitch involves Sage’s Wall, an ability that we know has let Agents test the limits of the game before, such as Omen’s ability to get to cheeky positions on Bind. On Split, she can link up with Sova to push a drone through the wall and have it hover around Heaven and Mid.

This lets the drone get into the more contested angles of the map to gather crucial intel a team could easily use to play off of.


Twitch streamer ‘Womba121’ explained how to replicate the bug to raise more awareness on the “game-breaking” exploit that isn’t all that hard to copy.

“Playing around [in practice] on Split we’ve managed to find a game-breaking glitch where you can put Sova’s drone through the wall and see all of B-site,” they said. “If I can see them through the wall, you know you’re gonna be able to see them in the game.”

Riot Games
Sova is a master at intel gathering in Valorant.

A coordination between the two Agents lets them boost Sova above the rafters in B Garage on the stacked pallets. Glitching the Owl Drone through the wall lets you control the flying camera to see what’s happening around the map.


The player got a great view of not only B Site, but a bit of Heaven and Mail room that looks into the center of the area.

The streamer also showed how the drone can even be maneuvered through the nooks and crannies of the map into the mid portion of Split.

Game Breaking Sova Drone on Split. Basically wallhack from VALORANT

It’s application in-game can let a team’s defense be telegraphed to the opposition before anything in the round has a chance to take off.

There’s been glitches like that with Cypher as well, though this one is a bit more problematic, seeing as the drone can maneuver to get an increasingly larger volume of information.


Riot Games has been quick to address these kinds of bugs, but expect some of the more nefarious players to use this trick in Valorant.