Complete Valorant wallbang guide for Bind: Spots, angles, glitches, more

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Valorant is full of places that you can wallbang, providing you put the time in to learn all the spots. Fortunately, one YouTuber has done all the hard work for you, with this extensive Bind guide.

While being on the receiving end of a flurry of Agent abilities and can often catch players off-guard, there’s nothing better than one-upping your opposite number with a good old fashioned wallbang.

Used in almost every shooter, ‘wallbanging’ is a common tactic utilized by experienced players where they will shoot at a penetrable surface, in anticipation that enemy is lurking on the other side.

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Valorant player at Reactor Site A on Bind.Riot Games
Valorant’s maps are full of walls that can be shot through.

In Valorant, this is especially prevalent, considering that almost all areas on a map can be penetrated by bullets on three levels. In the buy menu, each weapon will be rated for its wall penetration (ranging from low to high) — all of which are detailed in our damage stats guide.

Your weapon’s penetration status will determine exactly what walls you can and cannot wallbang. Of course, a weapon with a ‘high’ wall penetration level will be able to go through some walls that ‘low’ penetration weapons cannot.

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Luckily for all the budding Agents looking to improve their Bind game, SkillCapped has detailed exactly what areas of the map can be wallbanged — revealing a few nifty tricks along the way.

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Alongside breaking down some handy spots in and around both Reactor Sites, the video also touches on angle disadvantage and how to counter a player attempting to wallbang you.

As well as the plethora of wallbang spots, the video explains how to execute the glitch that currently allows players to wallbang any wall in the game (as of Patch 1.01), providing they can hit a player’s hands/feet.

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It’s worth noting that the glitch will most likely be patched by Riot Games in a future patch, so Agents looking to exploit the bug should so with caution.

While you may still be finding your feet in Future Earth, there’s no doubt that some of these savvy tricks will ensure that you can catch your opposition by surprise and stay one-step ahead of the game the next time Bind appears in your map rotation!

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