How to uninstall Valorant in 2023

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Knowing how to uninstall Valorant can help you free up a lot of space, so here are all the steps you need to take to remove the game from your PC — as well as reinstalling it if you change your mind. 

Riot Games’ highly competitive FPS game, Valorant, can be extremely competitive and may not be for everyone. With its high skill ceiling and ever-expanding roster of Agents, there’s certainly a lot to keep up with. As a result, players may want to uninstall Valorant for a variety of reasons. 

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Whether you’re just tired of playing the game in general or just wish to free up some space on your PC, knowing how to uninstall Valorant is can be extremely helpful. So, for whatever reason you wish to remove Valorant from your PC, then be sure to follow our handy guide.  


Why can’t I uninstall Valorant?

Valorant can’t instantly be uninstalled from the Control Panel – instead, you’ll need to first exit the Vanguard anti-cheat. So, if you find that you can’t uninstall Valorant, then this is likely the main reason. 

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How to uninstall Valorant

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Uninstalling Valorant takes a few extra steps.

Uninstalling Valorant is fairly simple and can be done in a matter of seconds, so be sure to follow the instructions outlined below. 

  • Open up your System Tray in the bottom right corner of Windows.
  • Right-click the Vanguard logo and click ‘Exit Vanguard’.
  • Head over to the Windows search bar and type ‘Control Panel’.
  • Select the ‘Programs’ tab and then click ‘Uninstall a program’ at the bottom of the list.
  • Search for Valorant under the list of programs. 
  • Select ‘Uninstall’ to remove the game from your PC. 

If you’ve followed the instructions above, then Valorant will be successfully removed from your PC. You should also notice that Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat will no longer appear when you start up your system as well. 

How to reinstall Valorant

If you wish to reinstall Valorant onto your PC, then simply follow the instructions below: 

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  • Head over to the official Valorant website.
  • Click the ‘Play Free’ icon.
  • Sign in to your existing Riot account or create an entirely new one. 
  • Log in using your details and select the ‘Download’ button to begin installing Valorant. 

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about uninstalling Valorant and how to reinstall the game. Make sure you check out our Valorant page for all the latest news and guides. 

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