Viral TikTok live sees two TikTokers hosting intense Yu-Gi-Oh! duel

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In a viral TikTok live, two passionate duelists streamed their one-on-one Yu-Gi-Oh match up, where they sported full duel disks from different generations of Yu-Gi-Oh and called out each individual move.

Yu-Gi-Oh is an anime and card game created during the late 90s which still sees play today. Though originally marketed as a children’s card game, many of the players have grown fond of the franchise, sticking with it twenty years after its debut.

In a video uploaded on October 2, Two Yu-Gi-Oh! mega fans came together and streamed their duel live. This clip of the TikTok Livestream spread through the internet, stacking more than four million views on Twitter.

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The Yu-Gi-Oh! duel of a lifetime

During a live stream hosted on TikTok, two men pulled out their fancy duel disks to engage in the duel of the century.

The Duelist on the left appears to be wearing a Duel Disk from the more modern era of Yu-Gi-Oh, while the other Duel Disk originates from the GX era of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Both duelists fully utilize these contraptions, jabbing their cards into the little holds and keeping track of their life points via the number generator. For those unaware, there are far easier ways to play Yu-Gi-Oh than using these fancy machines.

“Now my ghost, attack the Cyber Valley!” the duelist on the right exclaimed to declare his attack on his opponent.

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The duelist on the left smirked, clearly prepared for such a move.

“While he’s targeted for an attack, I can banish him, draw a card, and end the battle phase,” the left duelist replied.

The turn ends, and the left duelist draws his card, signifying the beginning of the draw phase.

Unfortunately, using Duel Disks on Yu-Gi-Oh cards deals very real damage to the cards, since the holds bend the cards and decrease their value. This is a fact any Yu-Gi-Oh fan who has played with a Duel Disk knows quite well.

But despite the risks of damaging their cards, the two duelists commit to their roles – providing an entertaining performance for millions of viewers.

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TikTok is a platform that is home to a plethora of seemingly random trends. Ranging from running into Hurricane Ian to slapping a bear, these viral videos almost always provide some form of amusement.