TikTokers are using Hurricane Ian to take part in Michael Jackson trend

TikTokers are using hurricane ian in a new trendTikTok: luvthesanders, itsjordangeee

TikTokers in Florida are using Hurricane Ian’s category 4 winds to take part in a trend paying tribute to Michael Jackson — and commenters can’t get enough of it.

Hurricane Ian continues to ravage America’s Southwestern coasts as Florida residents seek shelter from the ongoing tropical cyclone.

With wind speeds dying down from 150 mph to 65 mph, Ian has left 2.5 million people out of power — but not everyone is hunkering down and waiting out the storm.

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Instead, some TikTokers are taking advantage of the gale-force winds to take part in a popular trend paying tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Hurricane Ian sparks a Michael Jackson Tik Tok trend

The fad goes as follows: TikTokers will stand outside in the rain and wind, getting their groove on to Jackson’s song ‘Earth Song’ like they’re in a music video.

Some of these videos have gone viral, with TikToker Jordan Glenn’s passionate rendition of Earth Song racking up over 3.2 million views on the site as part of her unconventional 21st birthday bash.

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Even TikTok family ‘Luv the Sanders’ took part in the craze, showing their sibling Sai braving the rain and wind to dramatically belt out some classic Jackson tunes.

Despite meteorologists warning that citizens should seek shelter and stay out of the elements, commenters are showering these videos with comments and jokes about how some local Floridians handle inclement weather.

“We don’t take anything seriously,” a commenter said. “Florida hurricane parties are about to be top tier this time around.”

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“Lmao our generation play all day!” one user wrote.

“Me making the best out of things ’cause crying and stressing won’t change it,” another joked.

tiktok hurricane ian trend comments copyTikTok: luvthesanders

Hurricane Ian has slowed down to a tropical storm at the time of writing and continues inland, where several counties are under tornado watches as the weather continues to rage.

This is just the latest dangerous trend to take off on TikTok after experts warned users against marinating their chicken in NyQuil.

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