Man slaps bear to protect his family in viral TikTok video

Tiktok: anthonymooren174

While on a walk with his dogs, a man discovered a bear approaching his family. In a fight or flight response, he growled at the bear, making loud noises to frighten the animal. When the bear walked up too close, he slapped the bear in the face, protecting his family.

For areas of the world where bears reside, running into them can be incredibly dangerous. An aggressive bear is capable of murdering practically any unarmed person, therefore it’s always wise to execute caution when in their presence.

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In a viral TikTok video with over 750 thousand likes shared on September 21, a man threw caution to the wind, and assaulted a bear to ensure his family’s safety.

Man slaps bear in viral TikTok

When a man ran into a bear recently, rather than fleeing and panicking, his protective instincts kicked in while on camera.

The now-viral TikTok video begins by showing the man’s family on a casual stroll with what appears to be his significant other and his dogs.

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The dogs abruptly paused, then barked towards something off-screen. Upon turning the corner, the man noticed the bear. Everyone, excluding the brave man, flees at the sight of the predator. Instead of running with them, the man’s protective instincts kicked in.

“ARGGHHH. ROAAR!” the man screamed at the bear, while pushing his family to safety. One of the dogs attempted to confront the bear, but the owner stopped them.

“GET BACK!” he yelled, yanking the leash, and bringing the dog to safety.

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Chasing the dogs, the bear approached the man.

“GET BACK!” the man yells once again, following his warning by slapping the bear in the face. Gasps could be heard in the background.

After being slapped, the bear ran away. The man successfully protected his family from a potentially dangerous bear.

People in the comment section laughed at the predicament soon after. “Dude said call an ambulance, but not for me,” one user comments. Another added “laugh all you want but fight or flight and that Ole boy wasn’t playing.”

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Bears aren’t the only danger highlighted on TikTok. Users have been making content out of the natural disaster: Hurricane Ian.

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