xQc panics after leaking Twitter DMs on stream, exposing conversation with Adin Ross

screenshot of xQc's streamTwitch: xQc

During a livestream on Twitch, xQc accidentally leaked his private Twitter DMs for all to see, with one particular conversation with Adin Ross raising eyebrows.

An average xQc stream generally starts off with him reacting to whatever news is trending at the moment. It’s in this opening portion of the stream where ‘The Juicer’ juices as much content as possible. From reacting to clips of others to chiming in on the latest drama in the space, he’s never one to shy away from headlines.

However, it was during the average start to his March 15 stream that xQc accidentally became the focal point instead, having leaked his DMs with Adin Ross, among other famous personalities. 

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The streamer was talking to his chat and reacting to a tweet from Ninja, where he recreated his famous troll face meme image, when he switched tabs to Twitter and his DMs suddenly popped up. He immediately closed the window in a panic, but realized it was too late as his viewers already caught a glimpse of it. 

In the DMs, you can see his previous messages to many different internet personalities and figures who work with influencers. And one of them was of course Adin. 

Realizing it was not a good look for him to be conversing with Adin, as he has been embroiled in many controversies of late, xQc scrambled and attempted to justify it to his chat.

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“I wanted to see if I could get a pendant done” xQc claimed. He said he was reaching out to people who might know someone who could help him, and he decided to message Kai Cenat, Adin, and the rapper Blueface. 

“Well maybe he can help and point me in the right direction to get a nice thing done,” xQc added.

Despite the Adin Ross messages, most of his chat was focused on another message he sent to Twitch streamer Meowri. The message he sent read, “my charisma is pretty much maxed.” He did not elaborate further on that particular conversation.

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It was quite clear xQc was upset at his DMs getting leaked, banging his table in anger at his mistake, choosing to just move past it as quickly as possible. His chat, meanwhile, could not stop making fun of him, spamming, “my charisma is pretty much maxed” constantly.