Twitch viewer who set JustFoxii’s car on fire sentenced to two years in prison

Virginia Glaze

Twitch streamer ‘JustFoxii’ revealed that the viewer who traveled 700 miles to her home and set her car on fire in 2023 has been arrested and sentenced to two years in prison.

In 2023, Twitch streamer ‘JustFoxii’ shared CCTV footage that showed her car engulfed in flames, claiming that one of her viewers had traveled over 700 miles to set her vehicle on fire while she was away from home on vacation.

The fire even spread to the side of her house, where her mother and animals were staying — but luckily, no one was harmed.

The incident left the streamer “traumatized.” She claimed that police were made aware of the ordeal and that an investigation was underway. Now, a year later, the man has been put in prison.

On March 31, JustFoxii shared an update on the situation with her viewers, saying the arsonist plead guilty to possessing an “unregistered incendiary device” in October 2023 and was sentenced to 46 months in prison.

She also released more details about the case, revealing that the man had actually rented out an AirBnB in her area for a week before the arson took place.

The streamer claimed the arsonist was found in a car in front of another home, where he was supposedly “hiding” from police. Foxii said that he had used thermite, a flammable chemical compound, to set her car alight, and that other evidence of his crime was found near his vehicle.

After he was caught, Foxii claimed he was jailed for two months before being released with an ankle monitor and sent back home until his sentencing nearly seven months later.

The streamer even revealed some information about the man’s attorney, who claimed in a statement that she had supposedly “gilted” and “scammed” the arsonist — something she claimed never happened, saying she’d only ever interacted with him in her Twitch chat with many other viewers watching.

According to Foxii, the viewer had fallen in love with her… but things went south after discovering that she had a boyfriend and he could never “have” her.

“I didn’t know donating to a Twitch streamer was a ‘money scam,'” Foxii said. “But I guess you learn something new every f*cking day. I never in my life asked this man for any money.”

That’s not all; she claimed the man hadn’t been active in her chat since December 2022, and said the two had never interacted on any platform outside of Twitch. However, she did state that he had donated around $2K to her in 2020, but maintained that she never “scammed him” or “promised anything in return” for the money.

Now, the man is behind bars, and Foxii finally feels safe after all this time.

“I’m very thankful that he’s finally in prison,” she said. “I feel like I can finally start to move on from all of this.”

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