Tyler1 and Macaiyla announce they’re expecting their first child

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Tyler1 and macaiyla announce first child

Earlier in 2023, Tyler1 detailed a miscarriage that landed Macaiyla in the hospital and was nearly fatal. However, the couple has since announced that they’re expecting a healthy baby girl and are finally going to get the child they’ve both wanted for over a year.

In July 2023, Tyler1 explained why he took a break from streaming the details behind an ectopic pregnancy that landed his partner, Macaiyla, in the hospital for weeks. An ectopic pregnancy is when an egg is fertilized and begins growing outside of the uterus, and, in Macaiyla’s case, that growth ruptured one of her fallopian tubes and caused massive internal bleeding.

Tyler1 detailed this hospital visit and his frustration at the situation as well as the emotions that hit him when he realized they lost their child. However, neither of them were deterred by this experience and they were still committed to trying to have a kid together.

And, half a year, later, both Macaiyla and Tyler have confirmed that a child is on the way with no complications and is due in early 2024.

Macaiyla and Tyler1 overcome a horrifying miscarriage

Macaiyla detailed her hospital visit back in June via a Twitter post, explaining how the aftermath of the ectopic pregnancy caused her massive internal bleeding. However, despite everything, she claimed her and Tyler were both still committed to trying for a child.

And, after moving past that hardship, Macaiyla and Tyler have announced that they’re expecting.

Macaiyla revealed that the baby is due in April 2024, around 4 months after they posted the announcement. This means that Macaiyla has been pregnant for a while, and that the couple has chosen to wait until now to tell everyone.

The response from fans and fellow creators alike has been overwhelmingly positive as the couple is set to have the child they’ve wanted for a long time.

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