Twitch streamer loses it after learning you can’t ban staff from chat

SebbyWebzInstagram: SebbyWebz

A Twitch streamer by the name of SebbyWebz broke out in laughter after learning that he couldn’t ban a member of staff from his chat.

With Twitch growing in size over the last few years, it’s not uncommon for some of the platform’s staff to find their way into various channels.

But what happens when a streamer doesn’t want Twitch staff in their chat? The only option available to creators is to ban them.

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However, SebbyWebz recently learned that streamers can’t ban staff from their channel and his reaction was priceless.

Streamer learns you can’t ban Twitch staff

During a stream on April 27, 2023, SebbyWebz was playing Final Fantasy XIV Online when a Twitch staff member entered his chat.

Although he appeared to be friendly with the staff member, the question of whether or not you can ban staff from your channel’s chat quickly came to mind.

“Can you actually not ban Twitch staff members? That’d be so funny if you could,” he said before doing it. “Oh. Oh! Look at that!”

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Sebby brought up his view of Twitch chat to show everyone the message he received as the staff member make it clear they found it amusing.

It reads: “You cannot ban Twitch staff Yena. Please email if a staff member is being abusive.”

Sebby quickly broke out into laughter, obviously amused by his attempt to ban the staff member. “I did it chat, I actually went there,” he said.

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