Aggressive woman tries to steal Mitch Jones’ phone during IRL stream - Dexerto

Aggressive woman tries to steal Mitch Jones’ phone during IRL stream

Published: 22/Jul/2019 11:20

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer Mitch Jones had to quickly get out of a restaurant after an aggressive bystander tried to pull his phone away from him and shut down his stream. 

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The popular streamer, who can usually be found broadcasting his daily antics at home or outside, has racked up a loyal following of over 410,000 fans on Twitch – with thousands of viewers tuning in on a regular basis. 

Despite that, Jones has found himself in the middle of some controversy on Twitch lately as he is a part of a stream house that is being evicted. He’s also had a pretty rough time on-stream lately too after seeing his hair falling out after attempting to dye it. Yet, the strange happenings on his stream went to the next level after he had to dodge an aggressive bystander. 


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Screengrab via TwitchMitch Jones is a familiar face to Twitch viewers who browse the Just Chatting section.

During his July 21 broadcast, Jones had been hanging out at a restaurant with a few friends and brought his viewers along for the ride. However, the situation quickly turned sour when one woman took issue with him streaming.

While the streamer was only filming himself, the woman asked him to pause the stream but, of course, he wasn’t complying with that request as he believed he wasn’t affecting anybody else. Yet, the woman quickly scurried over and tried to grab his streaming set-up – prompting Jones to get up and quickly head for the exit. 

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Despite Jones’ exit, his housemate Kailey ‘KBubblez’, stuck around and disputed what had just unfolded with the woman and a restaurant manager. 

After a few moments, the streamer returned and tried to drag his friends away from the situation, before arguing with the woman himself once again. “Look, we weren’t doing anything to you, we weren’t, but that’s ok,” Jones called out, with his head poked back through the door to try and wrap up the dispute. 

Before walking away for a final time, he addressed the annoyed patron. “I was filming myself and she got mad. It’s not a big deal,” he added. “I didn’t videotape you.”


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Ultimately, the streamer and his friends were able to continue on their way without any further issues – finally getting some food without the need to argue with anybody else.