Twitch viewers disgusted as ExtraEmily targeted by racist comment during IRL stream

Calum Patterson
ExtraEmily twitch

Twitch streamer ExtraEmily was accosted by a stranger in Mcdonald’s, who appeared to mock her streaming and make comments about her race, perplexing and disgusting viewers in equal measure.

ExtraEmily has gained popularity on Twitch in 2022 after a number of appearances on other streams, most notably OTK’s ‘Schooled’ quiz stream.

She recently surpassed 100,000 followers on the platform, and has been enjoying some IRL streaming, taking her camera out and about with her in New York City.

However, her stream took a more sinister turn when she was simply talking to her viewers in a McDonald’s, when a stranger approached.

Woman makes “racist” remark to ExtraEmily

Appearing on stream suddenly, the woman had taken notice of Emily’s stream, and decided that they would have their moment in the spotlight.

“Hi fans,” the woman exclaims suddenly – startling Emily. “We’re here from California! I’m on some Chinese-Japanese, I don’t know, some type of sh*.t But, yay, I’m from California!”

The comment was a reference to Emily’s Chinese heritage (Emily only speaks in English on her streams and has lived in the US since birth).

The clip quickly spread online, with viewers condemning the woman’s unsolicited interruption to the stream.

“What a miserable POS,” one said, “Probably annoyed with [Emily] streaming at her table but true colors come out instead of asking her to keep it down straight to lowest hanging fruit and say something about her ethnicity.”

“Imagine being this sad that you go out of your way to ruin someone’s day by being a racist idiot,” another said.

Emily herself was clearly stunned by the interaction, saying, “there’s always a first for racists. My first one.” She then felt she had to leave, as it felt “weird” with the woman sitting just behind her.

While it may be Emily’s first time being targeted by racist comments during her IRL streams, it’s far from rare on streams generally. Many IRL broadcasters have been targeted in similar ways while streaming in public, some in the US, but also in European countries including Germany, UK and Sweden.