Streamer SweeetTails begs Twitch not to ban her after dog sniffs her butt

SweeetTails Streamer Twitch Dog Butt SniffSweeetTails

Twitch streamer SweeetTails, who is known for musical breaks when making content, has become part of an embarrassing moment on stream after a dance interlude turned into an unfortunate encounter with her dog.

Creating live content comes with a large number of risks, from accidentally exposing nude photos to potentially revealing parts of life that weren’t meant to be seen. Because of this, streamers have a lot to keep an eye on while the camera is rolling.

However, it can be the smallest things that make for the funniest moments.

This is exactly what happened to Twitch streamer SweeetTails during a live broadcast with fans. The streamer had taken a quick break from the scheduled content, getting up to bust out a few funny dance moves. This isn’t the first musical break she has performed, as another recent video shows her singing a portion of Eminem’s Godzilla.

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Twitch streamer SweeetTails has an unexpected visitor

In the dancing video SweeetTails has uploaded to Twitter, her epic dance moves to the song “Low” by Flo Rida are interrupted by her own dog. The pup, who can be seen lurking in the right-hand corner of the video, pops up as SweeetTails drops into a crouch. The dog then sticks their nose right up against the streamer’s bottom.

Jokingly, the uploaded clip from the stream reads “Please don’t ban me twitch”, likely in reference to the number of streamer bans that have been occurring in the past several weeks.

Fans in the comments can’t help but laugh with SweeetTails, with SoloEye007 stating “By any chance did you happen to get peanut butter on your pants? Lol” and another adding “Like how dare you sniff the cup cake”.

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Another streamer also jumps in, commenting “My dog has done this to me before and I’m not banned yet if that makes you feel better. THEY JUST SAYING HI”.

While the incident was funny to SweeetTails, who uploaded the clip to her own Twitter account, it is definitely one that many may find embarrassing. Thankfully, it was just an overly-friendly pet and not something more jaw-dropping.