QTCinderella reveals she’s spent nearly $1m on 2023 Streamer Awards already

Twitch: QTCinderella

Twitch star QTCinderella has revealed that she’s spent close to $1 million on the 2023 Streamer Awards, more than triple what she spent in 2022. 

Over the last few years, streamers and content creators have had their accomplishments celebrated in a few different award shows. Though, there has regularly been controversy over the nominees and winners for those.

The Streamer Awards, which was started by QTCinderella, does things a little differently. Instead of just one category celebrating streamers, her event digs into a whole host of categories including the likes of best FPS streamer, best rising star, and even the best MMO streamer.

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The nominees for this year’s event, which is set to be held on March 11, have already been revealed, and fans still have time to vote for their favorites

QTCinderella reveals cost of putting on 2023 Streamer Awards

Putting on the event is no easy feat, though, as QT has revealed that she’s already spent triple what she spent for the 2022 installment.

The Twitch star was streaming alongside Maya Higa, who co-hosted the 2022 show, when they joked about completing tasks from Twitch’s bounty board to recoup some of the money QT has spent on this year’s show.

“Do they know how much you’re spending on it?” Maya asked. “I might have told them,” QT answered before revealing the actual figure. “Guys, it’s more (than 300k). I’m at 900k.”

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QT even joked that she may have to take a sponsorship from Kick – the new platform trying to rival Twitch – to help with the cost after she and Maya realized just how deep into things she was. 

Like other award shows, fans do have the opportunity to attend as they are selling tickets, though unlike some other shows, fans and streamers won’t mingle as they have separate sections for each other in the building.