QTCinderella’s cat gives “toxic” Twitch chatter the death stare


A chatter in nmplol’s Twitch stream called QTCinderella’s cat Ders ugly, and they didn’t take kindly to it. The cat replied by glaring at the chatter in question with an immediate death stare.

There are times on Twitch when magic happens; when everything lines up just right, you get a perfectly timed moment on stream. It’s rare to get a moment like this, but the potential for them to happen is part of what makes livestreaming so popular.

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Sometimes these Twitch moments come about from a well-timed stream notification or an in-game event that so happens to coincide with what the streamer is talking about.

QTCinderella‘s cat, Ders, stole the show with one such magical moment of their own, after a chatter in nmplol’s stream called it ugly. Ders wasn’t having it, and replied by staring directly into the camera with a piercing gaze.

QTCinderella’s cat mean mugs a “toxic” Twitch chatter

Ders, one of QTCinderella’s cats, had a bit of a guest spot on another stream. Nick (aka nmplol) had QT on to do some cooking, and she brought her cat along.

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While her cat was having its moment on-stream, a chatter called it ugly. Whether Ders decided to stare back at the camera because of QT teasing it or something else in the room is hard to tell, but whatever happened in the background produced one of the meanest death stares Twitch has ever seen.

Before Nick could even spot and point out the chatter that called them ugly, Ders was zeroed in on Twitch chat and didn’t take what that viewer had to say lying down.

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It was on sight with this cat. She wasn’t letting Twitch chat get the better of her, and Malena noticed the death stare instantly. Chat erupted into a mix of praise for Ders and fright at his intense stare.

Either way, it doesn’t seem like anyone will be messing with QTCinderella’s cat any time soon.

And, if pics QT has posted of her cat are anything to go by, she’s not so mean after all. As long as you don’t call her ugly.

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