QTCinderella explains why she went public with JustaMinx Streamer Awards drama

QTCinderella explains why she took JustaMinx drama publicTwitch: qtcinderella

QTCinderella has explained why she went public after fellow streamer JustaMinx caused The Streamer Awards afterparty to get shut down, costing QT $50,000.

The Streamer Awards took place this past weekend, bringing together the internet’s top entertainers under one roof for a fun-filled night of celebration and recognition.

Although the show was well-received by fans and streamers alike, the afterparty left a different taste in people’s mouths. The event ended up being shut down after streamer JustaMinx allegedly became drunk and disorderly and had to be escorted off the premises by security.

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According to QTCinderella and other streamers, Minx attempted to toss attendees into a pool at the venue, as well as a few outdoor gas heaters. As told by QT, Minx allegedly went limp once security arrived as a “tactical” means of making removing her more difficult.

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Minx, however, claims she was pushed and suffered a seizure. She and QTCinderella had a spat over Twitter, where QT notably told the streamer to “go f*ck yourself” before providing Discord DMs where Minx “pinky swore” not to drink at the event.

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QTCinderella calls out JustaMinx Twitter 1Twitter: jusaminx, QTCinderella

Minx later went live on Kick after publishing a tweet that read, “Dumb b*tch.” During her broadcast, she reiterated that she suffered a seizure and said she’s traveling back home to Ireland to receive treatment for her epilepsy.

QT, however, didn’t believe Minx had a seizure and commented under a photo that Minx posted of herself at a hospital: ” You’re just lying. This picture is from you getting liquids at the ER.”

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QTCinderella calls out JustaMinx amid streamer awards party dramaTwitter: QTCinderella

Many fans were left wondering why this feud was taken public — a query that QT addressed on her own Twitch channel the very next day.

QTCinderella has “tried everything” to help JustaMinx

On March 14, QT explained that she didn’t keep the ordeal under wraps as she’s “tried everything” to get Minx help with an apparent alcohol dependency.

“I can’t tell you how many tears I have cried over losing someone who was my best friend to this,” she said. “Genuinely. Over the past year, you can’t look at her in the face — there’s not the same person there. She’s been lost and gone. I have tried everything.”

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“I mean everything. I got together a group for an intervention, and then got the rehab, got family involved. I’ve tried f*cking everything. She doesn’t want the help. I’ve tried handling it privately. It hasn’t done anything, so I am just hoping that maybe all of this will finally make her realize she needs to get help and she can’t keep using excuses.”

Minx has offered to reimburse QTCinderella for the cost of the canceled afterparty, and says she has been blocked by QT.

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We’ll continue to keep you updated as the situation unfolds right here on Dexerto.