Kai Cenat blasts Twitch after they give him “extreme” warning over iShowSpeed video

Kai Cenat looking bemused at cameraTwitch: Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat has hit out at Twitch for being too “extreme” when it comes to banned streamers, as he apparently received a warning for watching an iShowSpeed video.

Just like every other social media platform out there, Twitch has a stringent set of rules and community guidelines that streamers have to follow if they want to keep their channel up and running. 

It’s not uncommon to see streamers get a temporary suspension for falling foul of these guidelines, but Twitch dishing out a permanent ban is always a big talking point. Take Dr Disrespect’s ban for example, we still don’t know why he got banned, and that was three years ago. 

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As per Twitch’s guidelines, banned streamers are not allowed to appear back on the platform in any manner, and streamers are risking a suspension if they actively have them on. 

Kai Cenat reveals Twitch warning for watching iShowSpeed & Drake video

Well, Kai Cenat isn’t a fan of those rules, as the popular Just Chatting streamer got hit with a warning for reacting to a video of iShowSpeed having a video call with Drake, where the Canadian rapped hung up on him pretty quickly.

“I got a warning, bro, I got a warning like deadass. Like you can’t even react… bro what?” Kai said during his February 18 stream. “Think about it, they’re off your platform and you can’t do nothing live, but you can’t react? 

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“Come on bro, I don’t like that. Like bro, what the f*ck? Not being able to react to a banned person, you’re just trying to silence that person. Crazy, an extreme amount.”

Kai wasn’t the only one to get a warning for reacting to the clip, as he revealed that YourRAGE also got a similar message from Twitch. 

He’s had a few close calls with having banned streamers on his 30-day subathon recently, so it may just be Twitch’s way of nudging him to tighten things up.