Hasan under fire for mocking TikToker’s appearance in heated Twitter feud

Hasan under fire for mocking tiktoker's appearance in viral twitter spatInstagram: jaxajueny / Twitch: HasanAbi

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan is facing backlash after making fun of model and TikToker Jacqueline Ajueny’s appearance in a heated spat on Twitter.

Hasan is a prominent Twitch streamer and political commentator, who is facing some heat after comparing actress Amber Heard to Chinese communist revolutionary Mao Zedong in a viral Tweet.

Hasan’s post was quickly picked up by model and influencer Jacqueline Ajueny. Ajueny has amassed 3 million followers on TikTok and over a quarter-million followers on Twitter, where she’s become well-known for her biting social commentary.

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“Can I say something nasty?” Ajueny said, sharing a screenshot of Hasan’s viral post.

Hasan was quick to reply to Ajueny’s tweet, writing “LMAO.”

Amidst this conversation, Twitter users and fans of Ajueny began to voice their opinions about Hasan, with one user notably accusing the streamer of racism and misogyny. Their comments were captured in a screenshot by another user, which prompted a reply from Hasan.

“It’s literally the same every time,” he wrote. “People who want to k*ll themselves posting the pain away to try and get others to k*ll themselves.”

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“Did it almost work?” Ajueny replied.

Hasan faces backlash for mocking influencer’s appearance in heated Twitter spat

It’s Hasan’s response to Ajueny’s tweet that is lighting up the internet. The Twitch streamer hit back at Ajueny by recommending a series of hair loss drugs, seemingly making fun of the model’s hairline.

Many commenters took Hasan’s reply as both racist and sexist. Hasan lashed back at these comments by sharing screenshots of Ajueny’s recent posts. “Tell your dogs to get back before I do something crazy,” one reads. “I’m gonna find you, and when I do,” another says.

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“I’m not allowed to lightly push back? Why are you acting like this person has not been posting up a storm?” Hasan replied.

Ajueny has also been dealing with a slew of hateful comments coming her way as a result of the feud, prompting some commenters to accuse Hasan of “siccing his fans on Black women.”

However, it looks like their dispute has now been resolved. According to a post from Hasan, the two have “patched things up in the DMs” and Ajueny will appear on one of his broadcasts “at a later date” for a live-streamed discussion.

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This is far from the first time Hasan has come under criticism from netizens; the streamer has faced ample backlash in the past for making some pricey purchases, with fans claiming it’s in contradiction with his political beliefs.

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