FaZe Jason left bloody after attack dog bites his face on Twitch

Daniel Appleford

FaZe Clan content creator JasonTheWeen was bitten by an attack dog during his birthday stream on Twitch.

Jason, one of the latest additions to FaZe Clan, took to Twitch to celebrate his birthday on May 9 with his audience.

While streaming, he decided to subject himself to an attack dog while wearing a protective suit — a standard training retinal for police dogs trained to take down criminals while in the field.

Despite being in a protective suit, Jason’s shoe fell off shortly after he started running, which caused him to trip just as the dog caught up to him. The dog promptly lunged at him, hitting Jason’s head before briefly chewing on his leg.

Jason took to X (formerly Twitter) to update his fanbase on his current situation after the clip began gaining traction on social media. In a post with the caption “Happy birthday to me,” Jason shared a video of his injuries.

The streamer’s friends explained that the dog’s bite was just “one hole” on his forehead that was bleeding profusely. Despite being covered in blood, Jason seemed to be fine outside of the cut on his forehead and was told it was “not that bad.”

Some commenters even tried to make light of the situation, calling his literal downfall the most “unathletic” thing they had ever seen. But overall, the comments were directed towards Jason’s speedy recovery with many well-wishes.

His fellow FaZe members also came to the comments to share their thoughts on the situation. With newly-appointed CEO FaZe Banks saying “FaZe up,” and FaZe Teemperr and Swagg sharing their surprise at the situation.