Emiru can’t stop laughing at Pokemon Professor Birch cosplay due to hilarious typo

emiru professor birch headerTwitch: Emiru / The Pokemon Company

During a cosplay contest stream, Emiru and friends could not stop laughing after finding a Professor Birch cosplay with a hilarious typo.

On October 25, 2022, OTK streamer and content creator Emiru hosted a cosplay content with guests like Asmongold and Jessica Nigri.

The contest featured dozens of fan submissions which showed off some truly spectacular cosplays.

Unfortunately, one fan’s Pokemon Professor cosplay got some unintentional attention thanks to an unfortunate spelling error that made all the judges laugh.

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Emiru’s cosplay contest features hilarious typo

The typo came alongside a cosplay submission by a fan going by the name HyrdratedPyromancer, who cosplayed as Professor Birch from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

However, the slide instead listed the entry as a cosplay of ‘Professor B*tch,’ which is definitely not the name of any tree or Pokemon professor in the series.

“Professor…I think this is a typo — I think it’s supposed to be Professor Birch,” the streamer said before fellow streamers Nmplol and Nigri burst into laughter.

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Each submission was compiled on a presentation slide with the respective usernames, cosplay characters, and photos. Once Emiru and company came across the slide, she immediately caught the slip-up.

Between laughter, the OTK member swiftly tried to explain how the typo happened. “I swear I saw this slide and it said ‘Birch’ originally and I don’t know what happened.”

However, fellow OTK member Asmongold was quick to throw his two cents in and asserted that Emiru absolutely changed the slide to add the typo.

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According to Emiru, there were eight different people working on the presentation slides, and “someone f*cked up” but assured viewers it wasn’t her.

The chat, however, loved the typo, with dozens upon dozens of fans filling the chat with emotes.

Thankfully, the rest of the cosplay contest continued without incident, with select fans receiving cash prizes for their impressive cosplay efforts.

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