Pokemon player recreates the Professors in The Sims 4

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A Pokemon fan went viral when they cleverly re-created every Professor from all eight generations in The Sims 4. The player’s creative post wowed the community.

Despite making its debut in 1995, Pokemon has never been more popular. 24 years on, the beloved Nintendo franchise has incredibly made it to its eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield in 2019.

To celebrate the game’s entire history, a talented player used The Sims 4 to re-create each title’s Professor in the EA title. The fan’s project truly puts into perspective how unique and varied each character is.

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Game Freak / Maxis
Every Pokemon game has a unique Professor to help you on our journey.

Pokemon Professors in the Sims 4

Reddit user ‘PrincessPinkmon’ made the creative post on May 20. The fan used Electronic Arts’ The Sims 4 character creator to bring the RPG’s iconic Professors into the social simulation title.

While the franchise has had Professors introduced into spin-offs like Pokemon GO or Masters, the player opted to use the mainline releases and re-made characters from all eight generations.

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Seeing each character brought to life in a more realistic art style is incredibly interesting, while also giving Trainers an overview of the different design choices developer Game Freak went with in each release.

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The submission went viral, and at the time of writing has over 10k upvotes. Pinkmon also has a YouTube channel where they show how they made each design. The video also includes bonus photos that show each Sims-style Professor with their Pokemon.

(Topic starts at 10:29.)

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This isn’t the first time the creative fan has merged the two popular titles. Last month, the user also re-created Sword & Shield’s male and female protagonist in The Sims 4 as well.

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Pokemon continues to be one of Nintendo’s top selling properties. In 2019, it was announced that the lovable RPG was the highest grossing media franchise of all time, pulling in billions of dollars across their games and merchandise.

Even Sword & Shield is on track to becoming the third highest selling game in the whole series, which is proof that the addictive ‘Catch ‘Em All’ mechanic still has its hooks in players.

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