Adept’s former Overwatch teammate claims she’s a “racist” that manipulated xQc

AdeptTwitch: Adeptthebest

A former Overwatch teammate of Adept’s has leaked DMs of her using racial slurs and transphobic language, as well as what she claims to be a voice recording of Adept admitting to being focused content rather than her relationship with xQc.

Following her split with xQc, Adept claimed that the two of them were married for three years. This conflicts with xQc’s account and has fans of both streamers divided on who to believe.

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Adept’s assertion that the two had been married for years was responded to by Bamfxo, someone that Adept played on an Overwatch team with all the way back in 2017.

Bamf called Adept a “vile person” and claimed that she was using her at-the-time boyfriend for money while cheating on him behind his back. After Adept responded to these allegations on stream, Bamf came back with screenshots of the controversial streamer using racial slurs in Discord DMs.

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Adept’s former Overwatch teammate leaks DMs containing slurs

The dialogue between Adept and Bamfxo has been very back and forth, with the leaked DMs in question only coming out after Adept addressed the initial set of accusations on stream.

It started on June 1, 2023 when Bamf claimed that Adept had a history of being a “manipulator”, and that she was a “vile person” for the way she treated past partners.

Further down the thread was a recording of what Bamfxo claims to be a conversation with Adept, one that points to her prioritizing content over her at-the-time friendship with xQc.

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Since this tweet thread went live on June 1, Adept responded by putting on an entire stream that was almost two hours long with the goal of rebuking these accusations, and it led to the streamer putting up a series of accusations against Bamfxo.

These allegations include that this former teammate posted “revenge p**n” of people they were on the team with, as well as Bamf actively pursuing other men while dating a professional League of Legends player.

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Additionally, Adept pulled up screenshots that from what she claims to be Bamfxo’s alt account in game. These screenshots included the use of transphobic slurs in-game. Adept also had Marla, a person who was on the roster with the two of them, back up claims that she didn’t use any of the slurs Bamf has accused her of using. For the full context, you can find Adept’s stream here.

Bamf has since responded to the stream with a series of video recordings of DMs exchanged years ago, many of which showed Adept using racial and transphobic slurs in private messages.

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At the time of writing, Adept has yet to respond to the new set of allegations against her.

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