Zachary Levi thinks Shazam and Wonder Woman should stay in the friend zone

Chris Tilly
Wonder Woman holding a villain up by his feet.

Shazam and his teenage alter-ego Billy Batson have a crush on Wonder Woman, so we asked actor Zachary Levi whether his character would ever have a chance with the demi-goddess.

Shazam 2 – aka Shazam: Fury of the Gods – hits screens this week, and you can read our review of the movie here. The film tells the further tales of Billy Batson, a teenage boy who turns into a superhero man when he says “Shazam.”

The film takes place in a world where the DC characters exist, meaning the likes of Batman and Superman get name-checked. And also that young Billy can have a crush on Wonder Woman.

So what would happen if the pair met? We asked the man who plays Shazam…

Why Shazam and Wonder Woman should stay in the friend zone

Dexerto caught up with Zachary Levi so Shazam’s oldest fan could get answers to questions he’s been waiting 75 years to ask.

During that conversation, we asked if Levi thinks what Billy thinks in the new movie – that the character might have a chance with Wonder Woman, and that romance could potentially blossom. After all, Billy’s best friend Freddy gets a love interest in Fury of the Gods, so why not Batson?

“I mean, listen, I hope so,” says Levi, on behalf of his character. “She’s wonder-ful. And Gal’s gorgeous and all of these things. But let’s be honest – she’s kind-of an ageless, timeless, goddess. Demi-goddess. And while I have the power of a lot of these gods and Demi-gods, I’m still a teenager. So that’s not a great look for her, I don’t think. You know what I mean? But I think that they would make great friends. And do fun team-ups and go save the world.”

On being asked if Shazam and Wonder Woman should therefore keep it in the ‘friend zone,’ Levi said: “Yeah, as much as Billy would hate that!”

In the same interview, we also asked Levi if he thinks Shazam could ever fight another of his super-friends – Superman – in a future movie, and if so who would win. You can check out his very honest answer here.

Fury of the Gods hits cinemas on March 17, while you can read more of our Shazam coverage below…

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