X-Men rumored to take over the MCU after Secret Wars

Lucy-Jo Finnighan

It is rumored that the far-off phases of the MCU will mainly focus on the X-Men. And whether this plan is true or not, seeds are already being sown.

As seen at the recent Comic-Con Hall H showcase, Marvel is seemingly always 50 steps ahead of their audience. There are plenty of films being produced and plans being made for future phases in the MCU.

We’ve already seen rumors for future X-Men movies, Professor X appeared in Doctor Strange 2, and other mutants are already being laced into the world of the MCU, but it seems like Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, wants to take things even further.

It has now been rumored that the MCU may even pivot to being X-Men central after the next two phases are complete.

MCU will reportedly pivot to the X-Men after Secret Wars,

It has been rumored that after the next two MCU phases, which will conclude in 2025’s Avengers: Secret Wars, Kevin Feige is planning to take the franchise in a new direction. Namely, a mutant one.

The Multiverse Saga has recently been focused on setting up Kang the Conqueror as the next Thanos, so it’s likely that the X-Men won’t be taking a major role anytime soon as they don’t have much of a connection with Kang. The MCU probably doesn’t want to overwhelm fans too much either, especially as the Multiverse Saga has already been so full of new faces.

But apparently the X-Men and other mutants will be taking the spotlight afterwards in Phase Seven. If this means having multiple different movies for different X-Men, that would probably be smart, since there are so many X-Men that would have to be introduced.

Another issue that introducing the X-Men will have is that Marvel will have to explain why these super teams weren’t around when Thanos began to attack the universe. Will they all come from another dimension, like Professor X did in Doctor Strange?

It is also unclear how the other established Avengers will fit into all of this, but perhaps by that time, a lot of our current heroes will have left the MCU.

When and where will the X-Men appear in the MCU?

Currently, any X-Men appearances are still in the works, so there are no set dates for a solo film or cameo appearances from any of the X-Men, barring Xavier in Doctor Strange 2.

However, mutants have already appeared in Ms. Marvel, and the X-Men ’97 cartoon is well underway for a 2023 release.