Why was X-Men ’97 creator Beau DeMayo fired?

Christopher Baggett
Cyclops in X-Men '97

X-Men ’97 managed to make waves before it even released when creator Beau DeMayo was fired before the series premiere aired.

The termination was a sudden, jarring affair that caught fans off guard. DeMayo is a prominent writer who has credits on Netflix’s The Witcher and Paramount’s Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Starting in 2022, DeMayo began working for Marvel Studios as a writer-producer. He wrote for Disney+’s Moon Knight series and was the driving force behind X-Men ’97. But all that came to a sudden end on March 12, when The Hollywood Reporter reported DeMayo had been fired from the animated revival, just two weeks before the series was slated to air its premiere episode.

At the time, DeMayo was said to be working on new scripts for the MCU’s Blade reboot, as well as planning Seasons 2 and 3 of X-Men ’97. What happened?

Why was Beau DeMayo fired from X-Men ’97?

At the time of writing, there is no clear answer as to why DeMayo was suddenly fired from Marvel Studios.

Neither DeMayo himself nor Marvel Studios have commented on the firing. DeMayo has continued to promote X-Men ’97 as well, using his social media accounts to thank fans, comment on episodes, and tease upcoming events.

Others who worked with DeMayo have spoken in a similarly positive light. Brad Winderbaum, the head of Marvel Studios’ streaming, television, and animation, told Entertainment Weekly that DeMayo “had real respect and passion for these characters and wrote what I think are excellent scripts that really the rest of the team were able to draw inspiration from [to] build this amazing show that’s on screen.” However, he refused to offer any details about the termination.

While it may have been a civil break-up, that hasn’t ended speculation about the reasons for his sudden firing. Notable insider Jeff Sneider spoke briefly about the matter on The Hot Mic podcast, saying, “I think he was probably difficult to work with and getting on everyone’s last nerve, and I don’t think the OnlyFans stuff helped.”

Sneider reported that DeMayo was “an absolute nightmare to deal with on a daily basis” and also claimed Disney executives didn’t approve of his OnlyFans account.

The OnlyFans account DeMayo has is regularly mentioned, and it’s important to note that there does not seem to be a claim of anything abusive on his profile. DeMayo’s OnlyFans account is said to be non-sexual in nature, but Sneider reports executives took issue with him using an account on the site to promote his Disney work.

It’s not clear what’s next for DeMayo or the X-Men. X-Men ’97 wraps up its first season this week, and the hunt is reportedly on for a new showrunner. Who will take over the X-Men and how much of DeMayo’s existing work on the upcoming seasons will be used remains to be seen.

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