One Marvel character was “off-limits” in X-Men ’97

Kayla Harrington
The Mutants in X-Men '97 striking action poses

X-Men ’97 has featured a host of cool cameos, from Captain America and Spider-Man to Doctor Doom — so, naturally, fans thought there was a chance they could see their favorite Marvel character in a new episode.

However, series creator Beau DeMayo has revealed that there was one character the series couldn’t touch despite some fans demanding their inclusion.

In response to DeMayo’s call for viewers to watch a certain X-Men: The Animated Series episode ahead of the show’s season finale, a fan asked “Where is Deadpool at?” to which DeMayo responded, “Yeah, he was off-limits.”

Deadpool’s absence from the show has felt by many fans; in the comics, the Merc with a Mouth is close friends with Wolverine and even a member of the team at times.

While DeMayo did not give any detail on why Deadpool was off-limits for X-Men ’97, it’s probably due to Marvel Studios’ desire to properly introduce him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine.

It’s also possible that Deadpool could have been seen as too mature for the TV-14 animated series as most Deadpool appearances feature a lot of vulgar language and off-color jokes.

But Deadpool wasn’t the only character left out from the showm as another fan inquired about Sabertooth, a fellow member of the Weapon X super-soldier program that Wolverine participated in.

DeMayo answered the question writing, “I wish I could’ve accounted for every mutant in the world but we had 10 episodes. In my mind, Sabertooth is lying low, enjoying the fact that the X-Men are too busy too worry about him as he tries to exploit what happened in Genosha for profit.”

As X-Men ’97 has been confirmed for a Season 2, there’s a chance that many more fan-favorite characters could be introduced to the story.

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