Virgin River Season 6 leak reveals Jack Sheridan’s ‘new sisters’

Jasmine Valentine
Jack in Virgin River

A new leak for Virgin River Season 6 has been dropping every other day, and this time it’s all about Jack’s unseen sisters.

It might be a while before new episodes of Virgin River Season 6 land on Netflix, but fans already have a good idea of what’s to come thanks to a constant stream of fan leaks.

Sneak peeks of Mel and Jack’s potential wedding and surrogate have already circled online, with new images of actresses supposedly playing Jack’s sisters now hitting Reddit.

The post reads: “Apparently Mel and Jack’s wedding was filmed in the last block of Season 6 Ep 9/10 by Monika Mitchell. Jack is in a marine uniform… Erin Kathleen Boys and Gigi Neil join Season 6 most likely as the ‘new’ Sheridan sisters.”

However, the pictured posts have now vanished from Instagram, and fans are suspicious. “They were probably asked to delete the posts. We know from what Alex and Ben have said, Netflix doesn’t want them to post BTS items yet,” one weighed in.

So far, only one sister has joined the Virgin River cast, with Brie becoming key to Brady’s storyline back in Season 3. It’s currently unconfirmed whether the two actresses are actually joining the cast as Jack’s sisters, or how much they will feature in Season 6 storylines.

One thing fans do already know is that Mel and Jack are set to play a big role in new episodes, with their journey to becoming parents set to take center stage. Their wedding has essentially been confirmed; it’s just a matter of when fans will see it — though previous leaks make Season 6 extremely likely.

Mel actress Alexandra Breckenridge told TV Line that their marriage has been discussed, stating ahead of Virgin River Season 6: “I was just talking to our showrunner about this potential wedding.” The star also hinted that the fictional wedding could resemble her real-life one, adding: “It’s going to end up looking very similar.”

There’s still a good chance that more leaks will arrive, even though filming began back in February. “Another actress, Ese Atawo is to play Clara, no other information given. This was announced a while back,” one fan noted.

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