The Chosen fans hope for major cameo after Jesus’ crucifixion

Cameron Frew
Jesus in The Chosen and Paul the Apostle

The Chosen fans are already preparing themselves for Jesus’ crucifixion — but they’re curious over whether a major Bible figure will make a cameo appearance before the show ends.

Season 5 of The Chosen is confirmed to follow the events of Holy Week, likely culminating in Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane. This will lead directly into his grueling final hours of the Passion, with Season 6 taking place over a single day and finishing with him being crucified.

Of course, there’s just one thing left after that: Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. This made the show’s subreddit ponder something: could Paul the Apostle appear before the end of Season 7?

While not one of the Twelve Apostles, he eventually believed Jesus was the Messiah and son of God, going on to become one of the most influential religious leaders in history.

“The events about him happen after Jesus’ Ascension, of course. But do you think it would be cool to see a cameo of him? Showing him as a pharisee maybe? (Though I don’t think that at the time he was in the same location as Jesus). He’s such a big figure in Christianity that it almost feels wrong to not mention him, especially considering that The Chosen has such a focus on the apostles themselves,” u/Yumemiyou wrote.

“That would be awesome! It would be really cool to see him pop up for a cameo. Or perhaps he could take on a slightly mysterious role in the final episode, like how they introduced Judas, and then reveal his identity at the end. It could be a great setup for Acts, assuming Dallas eventually will produce it after taking a nap for a year,” one fan replied.

“I feel like if there’s going to be a spin off, it’ll be focused on Paul and the other Apostles, with the occasional flashbacks to Roumie,” another speculated. “We might. Paul himself would make for an excellent main character for a post-Chosen series,” a third wrote.

In the meantime, you can find out how to pre-order The Chosen Season 4 on Blu-ray and find out more about its incredible cast.

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